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Community Meeting 09 Mar 2007

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  • Branding Status
  • QA




  • Progress
    • 0.6.1
    • 0.7
    • osaf.us issues
    • developer positioning statement
  • Plan
    • 0.6.1
    • 0.7


  • Progress
    • made edits to cosmo and chandler landing pages
      • made "typo" copy changes on index.php Bug#8264 and outdated link from the Planning nav bar button Bug#8251
    • wrote my position statement assignment: Casual collaborator (target primarily non-business, social organizations, personal/family)
    • send reminder to those who haven't completed their assignment on PreviewPositionStatementDrafts
    • PTO travel day on Wed.
    • tested WordPress update. Found replacement plugin SearchEverything that does work with WP 2.1 - Dave will switch over next week
    • review and respond to Chandler Hub - TOS proposal
    • sent off email with suggested revision of TM language to lawyer and to PR list
    • thank you letter for PayPal donation by Pylucene-list contributor

  • Plan
    • continue with trademark and Logo licensing issues and style guide for Chandler™ usage: Logo License Issues
      • split into brand TM style guide, Logo license issue positions, and Logo style guide
    • continue development of position statements <Projects.PreviewPositionStatementDrafts>
      • review and discuss various statements, Pro and Con analysis
      • extend top positions into elevator pitches - 1 min. summaries of Chandler™
      • begin discussion of usefullness of a brand tag line
    • see if we can close on TM scope statement and initiate registration process
    • send in laptop to Apple for repair next week, will use a loaner (PPC) until I get it back
    • send out status of branding via email re. preview tasks

-- PieterHartsook - 09 Mar 2007 -- TedLeung - 02 Mar 2007

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