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Community Meeting 02 16 2007


  • Cosmo 0.6 launch
  • Branding




  • Progress
    • Cosmo 0.6

  • Plan
    • Cosmo 0.6.1 / Cosmo 0.7


  • Progress
    • cosmo 0.6 docs (landing page, wiki, etc.) see: cosmo staging site and bugzilla list of remaining tasks Basically a few last minute 0.5 -> 0.6 reference changes at launch and writing up the announcements and Adam's witeup of Known Issues.
    • CosmoHelp? page issue: from your bugzilla comment
      • One issue that I saw in the IRC discussion was the desire to have different versions of the help. I think that we are going to need this, since we will certainly have different versions of Cosmo out in the field at the same time.
      • I don't have any problem with adopting a standard nomenclature for the wiki help pages to differentiate between release-specific versions, e.g. CosmoHelpRel06dot1. But should we also have context-specific help links in the Cosmo UI for 0.6, or if necessary does a context-sensitive help belong in the package and not externally on the wiki?
    • trademark: email exchange with Orrick on draft scope statements for class 9 and class 12 (see: pr-list archive private list, password required for access for suggestions on broadening the language.) Then Orrick will prepare the forms for Mitch to sign.
    • branding product naming thread
  • Plan
    • have several people review the Cosmo site, especially the What's New release notes for accuracy and clarity. (twl, bcm, Priss, Sheila) prior to pushing the site live.
    • branding: position statements - assign target market position statements to people
    • write up stype guide for Chandler™ usage, and begin draft on trademark policy
    • Preview webpresence discussions
    • Cosmo 0.6 launch - I hope

-- PieterHartsook - 16 Feb 2007

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