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Community Meeting 26 Jan 2007


  • Branding status
  • next dot releases
  • Preview "beta" process




  • Progress
    • Discussions on user list and preview "beta"
  • Plan


  • Progress
    • got trademark report from Orrick - requested written advice on next step (verbal advice was cautionary, but I believe Tom felt we could move forward with registration)
    • securing getchandler.com domain
    • elicited many good suggestions for domains from maillist. I think we should wait for the green light from Orrick on the registrration before we make final selection and register any of these.
    • Sent email off to the OpenOffice.org community manager Louis Suarez-Potts re. registering domains (need to decide which ones including which countries) - OOo.org uses language prefixes on openoffice.org e.g. bo.openoffice.org (see table at bottom of <http://native-lang.openoffice.org/> for list). This is a good approach since it doesn't add additional domain registration overhead. Local groups may secure native domains, but they are not official openoffice.org sites even if some of them do look like it (see http://openoffice.org.fr vs http://openoffice.org.de
    • started bugzilla punch lists for upcoming dot release web work - see list at: Bug#7549

  • Plan
    • knock out the Cosmo release non-dev documentation the bug list.
    • ping Orrick if we don't get a response back by Tuesday.
    • user list idea: solicit "demo gems" (record script and send to Pieter to compile)
    • Preview "beta" Pieter will write up questions for Ted re. scope/goal for the "beta" users real soon (sorry I didn't get to it this week)
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