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Chandler Hub and Server: Target Users for Post Preview

This a write up for target users Post Preview. Note the definitions below could all change once Preview is released.

The goal for defining the target user for Chandler Hub/Server post preview may be to continue down the path in driving more heavy duty collaboration between the CC and the Chandler Desktop users. For example, collaboration between Helen the Hub and Bart the Busy Body editing back and forth on a single item to draft a proposal. There will also be consistent improvements to performance and stability of the application in addition to feedback from users outside the company.

Target users defined for Chandler Hub and Server post preview. There is always some end user and a advanced user for each category.

User Description End User Advanced User
Stand alone x x
Chandler Desktop remote x x
Data Hub developer   x

Standalone description

  • Standalone Chandler Server for Home Use
  • Standalone Chandler Server for Small Work Group (like OSAF or Creative Commons or LPFI)
  • Standalone Chandler Server for your own service
  • Standalone Chandler Server Data Hub Developer - Generic developer (downloaded OSAF bundle and is the administrator of their own server) - A user who has downloaded and set up Chandler Server as their own server. May or may not be using the calendar interface but sets up some other application to run on Cosmo. ie. foxmarks develop their own application for their using it as their platform. (webDAV, or some other Hub.)
  • Standalone Chandler Server which may just use filesharing.

Chandler Desktop remote description

  • Chandler desktop users (Consultative User) who are reading their calendars on Chandler Hub This implies casual use, meaning that the experience should be as lightweight as possible - no login required. This may be only 10% of Chandler desktop remote users. See What's blocking Consultative usage of Cosmo.
  • Chandler desktop remote user who is using Chandler Hub as their secondary calendar + tasks. They are using Chandler Desktop in conjunction with Chandler Hub regularly, perhaps between two machines (work + home). They primarily use Chandler desktop but also use the browser to manage their time, make meeting requests and coordinates w/ a small group using both Chandler Desktop/Hub.

Chandler Hub End Users

  • This group of people use Chandler Hub as their primary calendar + tasks. These users have their browsers open all day while working and manage their time, make meeting requests and coordinates w/ a small group using Chandler Hub. Having the application open all day is the equivalent of using other AJAX web based e-mails such as GMail, Yahoo Mail (beta). This may imply Chandler Hub to have all or enough features as Chandler Desktop.

For the Preview target users we've identified:

  • Casual Collaborator End-User
  • Chandler Hub Administrator

CC Advanced End-user

  • A person interested in Chandler, checking out Chandler Hub. Advanced end-user CC may be more committed in using Chandler Hub frequently. Would most likely have set up an account and know what they are doing when looking through their 'Account Browser'. May be going through the account browser for debugging purposes. Uses Chandler Hub to work with Chandler desktop users or would eventually be a candidate for a Desktop remove user. May eventually be using the server for file sharing.

-- PriscillaChung - 04 Apr 2007

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