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Chandler Glossary

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1. Chandler Terminology

| A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X-Y-Z |

2. Chandler Icons

Chandler Terminology

Chandler is an open source note-to-self organiser designed for personal use and small-group collaboration. Chandler Project comprises the Chandler Desktop application and Chandler Server, both of which are cross-platform.

Chandler Hub is an instance of Chandler Server; Hub services are hosted and provided free of charge by the Open Source Applications Foundation (OSAF).

Term Definition
.ics file The file format Chandler uses to import and export calendars to other applications. (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ICalendar
iCalendar is a standard (RFC 2445) for calendar data exchange. The standard is sometimes referred to as "iCal", which also is the name of the Apple, Inc. calendar program (see iCal) that provides one of the implementations of the standard.
iCalendar allows to-dos and events to be sent via e-mail. Recipients of the iCalendar email (with supported software) can respond to the sender easily or counter propose another meeting date/time. See GSG Ch 3: Importing-Exporting Data
(all verbs used in the Quick Entry) """"
A """"
Accounts See GSG ch 2:Setting Up Accounts """"
Chandler messages are different from email messages. They can be edited and resent as updates! The underlying technology used for sending and receiving Chandler messages is email. However, Chandler-specific metadata is preserved separate from the email wrapper used to transport the Chandler message around. Examples of Chandler-specific metadata include: Item type - Is the note an event? Event meta-data - Start/End times, time zone, etc. Unlike email, who a message is 'From' does not always match the 'Sender' of Chandler messages. This allows you to send messages on behalf of others as well edit and update messages without changing who the message was originally 'From'. """" """" """"
Alarms can be added to all types of note """" """" """"
All Day Event All Day is meant for events that will be occupying lots of your time that day. One All Day event makes a full blue mark for that day in the minicalendar. It's rendered with a dark background in the calendar's allday canvas. """"
Anytime Event Any Time is meant for events that don't have a specific time or duration. They don't take up any time on your calendar (so no little blue mark in the minicalendar for anytime events). It's rendered with a light background in the calendar's allday canvas. The default when double clicking in the allday canvas is now to create an Any Time Event, not an allday event """"
Application area see views  
Authentication   """"
B """"
Backup (a repo)   """"
Bookmarkable URL   """"
Bugzilla   """" """"
C """"
CalDAV   """"
Calendar canvas   """"
Certificates   """"
Chandler Desktop Cross-platform, open source, standards-based personal information manager (PIM) """"
Chandler folders   """"
Chandler Hub Chandler Hub is a free service provided by the Open Source Applications Foundation. See Chandler Server. """"
Chandler Server Chandler Server implements a rich web variant of Chandler Desktop. Chandler Server acts as a multi-protocol data hub to shared Chandler data, making it available via iCalendar/webcal, CalDAV, WebDAV and Atom. Chandler Server is used to run Chandler Hub, OSAF's hosted version of the app. (You can download the server and run your own service for your home or small workgroup). Chandler Server is also known by its original project name, Cosmo. """"
Checkpoint (a repo)   """"
Clipboard   """"
Collection Chandler's primary affordance for grouping items. Collections can contain items of any kind """"
Commit (a repository)   """"
Compact (a repo)   """"
Conflict aka pending changes   """"
Cosmo Code name for Chandler Server (see also: Chandler Server) """" "
D """"
Dashboard in Chandler Desktop: the Dashboard collection presents a summary table
Dashboard in Chandler Hub: sometimes used to describe the summary table view
Data Migration   """"
day list, daylist misnomers for the sidebar preview area that appears above or without the mini-calendar """"
Delete The difference between Delete and Remove gets users into trouble all the time. (see also: Remove) """"
Detail View   """"
DND acronym of drag'n'drop (drag and drop) (drag & drop)
DV acronym of Detail View """"
E """"
Export/Reload   """" """"
F " """"
FBT acronym of free/busy time
Free/Busy or Freebusy   """"
G """"
H """"
I """"

Email server standards.
IMAP servers keep your email on the server usually in folders.
POP servers just send the email to your email client.
SMTP servers are the ones that you use to send your email out to others.
"""" """" """"
Item In Chandler Desktop 1.0.2: every item is a note. A note can be starred, alarmed, added to a calendar, messaged. Do with your note whatever you wish. """"
J """"
K """"
Keep out of Dashboard   """"
L """"
Lucene   """"
M """"
Manage (a collection) """"
Markup bar The markup bar is a serie of buttons placed above the right hand item panel. Those buttons allow the item to be "stamped" (marked) as different kind and compound their attributes """"
MC an acronym of Morse Code  
Migration   """"
Mini-calendar aka Minical   """"
Morse Code the HTTP-based synchronization protocol for Cosmo and Chandler
N """"
Triage states an item may have. (see also: Triage Status) """" "" ""
O """"
Overlay (collections) """"
P """"
Parcel   """"
Parse (used also in a variety of contexts as in: parsing files, items, messages, URLs, strings, etc...) """"
Path (used in a variety of contexts: sharing, plugins, certificates, files, etc...) """"
Plugin A Plugin is an optional Python modules that add or change existing functionality. Prior to Chandler 0.7, those extensions were knows as "parcels" and this wording might still be found in Chandler's documentation. Plugins are available for download from CheeseShop. """"
Port (as in Account preferences...) """"
Preview Sidebar list of events within a period. May appear above, or without, the mini-calendar. """"
preview pane (found in OSAF Bugzilla) possibly an alternative expression for summary view
Publish (see also: Suscribe) """"
Q """"
Quick Entry field /Find /Event /Task /Note /Message (all verbs used in the Quick Entry)
Quick Entry field. This feature has recognizers that notice if you enter words like:
breakfast, lunch, dinner, today, tomorrow, and creates the event appropriately, for example making the "lunch" event start at noon. (see Recognizer Terms)
R """"
Recognizer terms Terms recognized in the Quick Entry Field.
Quick Entry codes: event, task, request, invite, note, msg, message
Items that control what the event time is based on: noon, lunch, morning, breakfast, dinner, evening, midnight, night, tonight, eod (end of day)
Items that show date direction: tomorrow, today, yesterday
modifiers: from, before, after, ago, prior, prev, last, next, previous, in a, end, of, eod, eo
Recurring event   """"
Remove (the difference between Remove and Delete gets users into trouble all the time) (see also: Delete) """"
Repository   """"
Restore (a collection) """"
Restore (settings) """"
S """"
Schema   """"
Scripting   """"
Sharing, Share   """"
Sidebar The left-hand column of Chandler. """"
SSL, TLS Security protocols used by servers. """" """"
Status bar Appears below the sidebar. Not to be confused with the status bar and upper status line in detail view. """"
Subscribe (see also: Publish) """"
Summary pane (found in OSAF Bugzilla) possibly an alternative expression for summary view
Summary view In the centre of the Chandler window: calendar views are limited by day, week or month. Summary view provides a limit-less view by presenting notes, including calendar notes (events), within a table.
Sync   """"
T """"
table view probably an alternative expression for summary view
tar/gz archives   """"
Ticket URL   """"
Tickler Alarm A custom alarm you can set on any item to automatically triage that item to NOW at a time you specify """"
Toolbar   """"
Trash collection   """"
Triage   """"
Triage Status An attribute on every item that is Chandler's principle mechanism for helping you manage what you're working on. The three triage statuses are NOW, LATER and DONE.
The Triage status of an item can be manually set by clicking on the status icon. Or it can be automatically set by an alarm or event date's relation to the current date and time.
triage table (found in OSAF Bugzilla) probably an alternative expression for summary view
TS acronym of triage status """"
TT acronym of triage table  
Twisted   """"
U """"
URLs   """"
V """"
View (as in Table View, Triage Table View, Calendar View, Day View, Week View, Main View and Summary View """"
Views Chandler Desktop offers three views: All, Starred, Calendar. Depending on the context, the Calendar button may present a list of events (not a calendar view of events).
Do not mistake the All button for an all-inclusive view of your repository. What you see is based upon your combined use of views (one of the three buttons), collections (in the sidebar), and search results (any find command is represented in the quick entry field).
View and Edit
W """"
WebDAV   """"
Who column (cr, up, ed, to, fr, ow, au -- all verb monikers in the Who columns)
cr - created by,
up - updated by,
ed - edited by,
to - addressee,
fr - from,
ow - ??,
au - ??
X-Y-Z """"

Chandler Icons

A collection of User Interface elements and an explanation of the icons can be found Here

I've moved the Chandler Glossary chapter from the Get Started Guide to the Wiki.

The glossary terms are in alphabetical order. The format for the table is:

| Term | Definition | #Anchor | + some misc. style and formatting kruft.

I use the anchors as targets for terms in the Get Started Guide and for cross references and navigation within the Glossary.

Please feel free edit the page to add terms or definitions, but for now please keep the existing format. PLEASE: DO NOT USE WYSIWYG EDITING ON THIS PAGE! It screws up the formatting and breaks the anchor links.

-- PieterHartsook - 06 Sep 2007

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