Chandler Desktop released (Ubuntu Jaunty only)

July 30th, 2009 by Grant Baillie

As noted by commenters on this blog, the Debian packages available for Chandler 1.0.3 don’t work on the newest Ubuntu release (9.04, a.k.a. Jaunty Jackalope). I fixed the problem in Chandler trunk a while back: It turned out that Python 2.6 introduced some errors that weren’t hard to address.

So, for Jaunty users only, there are now Chandler Debian packages available here.

Thanks to Matt Schafer for suggesting this, and for reminding me after I completely forgot to send out the announcement when I came back from vacation a couple of weeks ago.

For the record, the bugs fixed in this release are:

  • 12792 Chandler does not work under Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty
  • 11059 Upgrade twisted to 8.2.0

24 Responses to “Chandler Desktop released (Ubuntu Jaunty only)”

  1. Martin Says:

    The download link for the package only points to this blog-post!

  2. Peter Hansen Says:

    The link to the Debian packages points to this current page.

    Is there an ubuntu ppa for chandler?

  3. Eric Says:

    I am very excited to demo this software, but I am running Ubuntu Jaunty. The link to the packages fixed for Jaunty just takes me back to this blog post. Is there a place that this available for download?

  4. keithff55 Says:

    Animations are very difficult to be done specially in open source OS like Linux, i am a professional designer in AE and have created a few demonstration projects in AE

    after effects projects

  5. P Says:

    The link to the download does not work (pointint at SELF).

    If you want to download the version, I found it here.

  6. Peter Says:

    The link to the Debian packages above does not point to the Debian packages, but to this blog.

  7. Roman Says:

    It says “So, for Jaunty users only, there are now Chandler Debian packages available here.” But I don’t get anywhere by clicking on “here”, it just loads the same page… So where’s the packages? Tnx…

  8. tks Says:

    Your link to the debs is a link to the blog…

  9. bear Says:

    Thanks all for the link error reports - i’ve corrected the post

  10. Louie Says:

    Hello, When do you think we will get a ubuntu 9.10 build? Its hard to support this project if the binaries are not kept up to date.

    good work

  11. AnneTanne Says:

    ‘Jaunty only’… But it turns out to work with Karmic Koala too… Thanks!

  12. Kalle Says:

    I’ve been trying to install it on Ubuntu 9.10 but it fails. I think it depends on the python-zopeinterface. However, this package seems to be obsolete… Would love to have a build for 9.10, or advice on how to fix it.


  13. Alian Dudkin Says:

    Nice news. Will try now Chandler Desktop at last :)
    Thanks for your time !

  14. joe Says:


    I used to use Chandler.

    I get the idea the project has died.

    I’d like to understand why. I think it would be good to help other people learn from your experiences in developing open source software. A blog post on this topic would be very interesting.

    imdo, it sucked because of Berkeley db. It was just too dog slow.

  15. Philip Says:

    This project looks so promising, but after six years of blogging, it just stops…I’m contemplating starting to use the software, but I don’t want it to be obsolete as soon as I get going! Any news?

  16. Justin Says:

    Any packages for Archlinux?

  17. carussin Says:

    It says “So, for Jaunty users only, there are now Chandler Debian packages available here.” But I don’t get anywhere by clicking on “here”, it just loads the same page… So where’s the packages? Tnx…

  18. Dennis Says:

    I second the request of joe - a blog post on what happened with Chandler as a project, is it still being developed, etc., would be very interesting.

    Perhaps an iPhone or Android client would spark open source developer interest.

  19. AlekSi Says:

    +1 to joe’s request

  20. John Says:

    Won’t install on Mint or any Ubuntu based distros from 1.0.4 on. Shame. Seems like it was a worthwhile piece of software. I assume the project is basically dead - is that fair? If not, a response might be good.

  21. metacybernetics Says:

    Chandler rocks. I’ve tried numerous other apps with no joy. Chandler just seems to work like my mind.

    Keep up the good work.


  22. Bruno M. Duarte C. Says:

    +1 to Joe’s request! C’mon! some news!

  23. W^L+ Says:

    I also would like to read a blog post that tells us what happened, what went wrong, and whether there is still some life in OSAF/Chandler Project. Are or were there some complexities relating to implementing WebDAV / CalDAV / iCalendar support? Are there some obvious holes in the functionality offered by those standards? Is / are the server and client too tightly coupled? Is there a perfectionism issue?

    If the project is still alive, tell us what you think is necessary to get some more development activity, including links to your source control, coding standards, bug tracking, and road map.

  24. Ray Says:

    So anything? Any news. I’ve just checked out the sources for Chandler1, and Chandler2 and there has been no activity ( via svn log ) since late 2009.

    Does anyone know what happened? Can they please put up a summary post at least as to what occurred?

    A triage of what went wrong might be very helpful to the community at large.

    So a +1 to Joe’s request. ;)