Chandler 1.0.3

April 15th, 2009 by Grant Baillie

A new Chandler Desktop release, version 1.0.3, is now available.

Highlights include better support for Google’s CalDAV server,
the addition of a menu for choosing the calendar’s first day of the week
and, lastly, we’ve built .deb packages — for both 32-bit
and 64-bit processors — for Ubuntu 8.04 (“Hardy”) and
8.10 “Intrepid”).

Here is the full list of bugs fixed in 1.0.3:

  • 11038 Feature request: a UI affordance for selecting the starting day of the week
  • 12228 Get Mac native spell checker working again
  • 12253 Sy&nc Mana&ger… (note two ampersands) in
  • 12274 Deprecated libiuc36 dependency
  • 12278 Support Google’s CalDAV implementation
  • 12328 make all binaries in internal fails with: NameError: global name ‘log’ is not defined
  • 12472 ValueError: too many values to unpack (selected message has angle brackets within the name as well as the SMTP address)
  • 12484 Won’t start (Mandriva and possibly other Linuxes)

You can download the app here,
or by using the “Check for Updates” feature in Chandler.

25 Responses to “Chandler 1.0.3”

  1. mato Says:

    Thanks for the new release but Windows version fails at me (integrity check).
    Downloaded file is much smaller than v.1.0.2 so could someone doublecheck it pls ?

  2. Bill McIver Says:

    Dear Chandler,

    I am using 1.0.2 on Mac OS X 1.4.

    It is too easy to place an event or note into the wrong collection and/or calendar.
    Apple’s iCal had the same problems.
    I have not seen these issues discussed in my brief searches.
    I am responding now because I do not see it discussed in the new features.

    There are also a number of weird problems, which I don’t have time to
    reconstruct, in erroneous selection of collections and the inadvertent creation of
    collections and/or objects within them (notes or events).
    I am sure that others have experienced this.

    I have switched to, because of these problems, but
    I would rather have my data local.

    Bill McIver
    Fredericton, New Brunswick

  3. notafish Says:

    Just a note to say that in my version, (1.0.2 on kubuntu), the “check for updates” tells me my Chandler is up to date :)

  4. FARfetched Says:

    Hoping this will fix the “error 400 bad request” I’m getting when trying to sync.

  5. sioac Says:

    Just a note to say the installer for the 1.0.3 windows release doesn’t run on windows XP SP3 : NSIS Error : integrity check has failed. (installer downloaded from the chandler homepage with Chrome, Firefox, Opera and IE7: same result)

  6. Richard Akerman Says:

    Version 1.0.3 for Windows installer fails integrity check on my computer. I downloaded it twice. Windows XP SP3.

  7. Grant Baillie Says:

    mato, sioac, Richard: The .exe does appear to have been truncated, so I’m re-uploading it: Thanks for pointing this out!

  8. Grant Baillie Says:

    notafish: What version to you currently have on your system?

  9. Grant Baillie Says:

    Windows download should now be OK (you should get the full 35MB, rather than the 24MB that was there before).

  10. Jossi Says:

    I really like working with Chandler, but I badly miss an easy way to delete past events (or all events before a given date). My database gets bigger and bigger, the app gets slower and slower, and deleting every single item separately is not a viable choice, either.

  11. sioac Says:

    Downloaded and installed successfully. Thanks !

  12. Johan Says:

    Works well for me on the Mac. Thanks!

  13. Jossi Says:

    Just after posting my last comment I realized how stupid it was. Of course I can select and delete them in list view. I didn’t get it ’cause I’m in calendar view all the time. Sorry for dumbness.

  14. mato Says:

    I can confirm that Windows version installs correctly now. Thanks.

    Well, I’d like to keep my old events for possible reference. It might be useful if they could be moved to a special collection and then Chandler would not display them in lists/calendars nor use them in any way and thus they would not slow Chandler down.
    What do you think ? Is it viable ?

    PS: Thanks for that first day of week, it really helps here! :-)

  15. Document Management Software Says:

    Yeah, the windows version seems to work fine for me.

  16. Denny Says:

    I installed 1.0.3 just fine on Windows but I could not run Chandler under Ubuntu 9.04. Any suggestions?

  17. Grant Baillie Says:

    Denny: I’m not sure what’s wrong with Jaunty. Feel free to update the bug that is tracking this.

  18. Joao Says:

    And the Portuguese translation for when?

  19. io Says:

    I can confirm that Chandler is not working on Ubuntu 9.04 64bit… that’s a shame, i wanted to try it!

  20. PB Says:

    I can confirm that Chandler is not working on Ubuntu 9.04 64bit… that’s a shame, i wanted to try it!

  21. The Chandler Project Blog » Blog Archive » Chandler Desktop (Ubuntu Jaunty only) Says:

    [...] noted by commenters on this blog, the Debian packages available for Chandler 1.0.3 don’t work on the newest Ubuntu release (9.04, a.k.a. Jaunty [...]

  22. The Chandler Project Blog » Blog Archive » Chandler Desktop released (Ubuntu Jaunty only) Says:

    [...] noted by commenters on this blog, the Debian packages available for Chandler 1.0.3 don’t work on the newest Ubuntu release (9.04, a.k.a. Jaunty Jackalope). I fixed the problem [...]

  23. RayRayTea Says:

    Hey guys,

    I’ve just tried Chandler for the first time and… didn’t manage to use it. Here’s why:

    1. For some reason just switching between All / Starred / Calendar takes more than a second on my comp (Win XP Sp3) during which the whole computer freezes. Clicking on any tag (say the default Home / Work / Fun etc) also produces the same effect.

    2. Then I wanted to test the sharing abilities. Unfortunately, I was unable to create an account - first, I’m using a netbook so the bottom of the application form (where the Submit / Cancel buttons are!) gets cut and it’s not possible to scroll the page. Uff, ok, let’s switch to View -> 80% just so I can see the buttons… but then after filling out my data, I get a “An error occurred setting up the user account. (error code 501)”. No matter what I try (various email addresses, changing my name, password…) it’s the 501 again.

    3. Then I found a (something I thought was) a bug and wanted to report it… but in order to do so I have to create a bugzilla account? Honestly - nowadays I avoid opening new accounts at all costs so I just skipped this.

    4. Lastly, I wanted to check the irc… but the thing kicks me out after 0.5 seconds :(

    Too bad, since the introductory videos made it look like Chandler is just the right tool for me - although some aspects do look a bit over complicated.

    Keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to the next versions of Chandler!

  24. Ken Pemberton Says:

    is this project still alive & kicking? It’s all gone very quiet!

  25. Dean Wasylyshen Says:

    I have been using Chandler desktop for my work computer for some time now (I prefer it to using Outlook Calendar), but for some reason the last several days it has been stuck at 10% when starting and basically isn’t opening. The OS for my work station is XP Pro Service Pack 3 and it is administered by the VA, so I don’t know if any of the encryption and upgrade patches are interfering. I am still able to maintain my calendar on the web, but is not as full-featured as my desktop. Any replies would be appreciated!