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Current stuff

SelectedItemDebugging - How to view the selected item's attributes, for debugging

UnpersistedContentsNotes? - Investigating what it would take to not persist contents per detail-view block, bug 3804

TriageStatusImplementationNotes -- Me trying to sum up what I know about the way triage status is supposed to work.

DashboardIcons -- A dump of all the icons used in the dashboard.

RecurringReminderNotes -- trying to figure out what to do about reminders on recurring events in alpha4.

BryanStearnsDevEnvNotes -- my project settings for Wing, which I frequently accidentally delete and have to retrieve from here.

TinderLogScanner -- a python script I wrote that runs on the machine where our tinderboxes archive the logs.

Old stuff

DashboardTasks20060629 -- a list of tasks from my review of the 0.7 dashboard spec.

DVNotifications20060209 -- notes about the detail view's use of notifications, for an upcoming discussion about notifications.

DVDocNotes20050906 -- precursor to actual detail-view and attribute editor documentation.

StampingIssues -- in which I suggest that stamping might be problematic.

FreeBusyStrawMan -- a proposal about how we might deal with free-busy info sharing in 0.6

EventSharingInvitationPlan -- notes about implementing event & sharing invitations

AllDayAnyTimePlan -- notes about implementing All-day/any-time

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