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My 0.12 Bugs

My 0.11 Bugs

General To Do

  • War auto-deployment
  • Use Abdera's URITemplate rather than our own
  • Refactor CMP, Atom and MC to return XML bodies for all error responses

Atom To Do

  • Abdera's Spring integration
  • use URI Template annotated beans to generate IRIs for output
  • Use AtomDate for date formatting and parsing rather than our DateUtil
  • Abdera ResponseContext that streams collection details
  • Abdera EntityProvider or ContentProvider or maybe both (how do they relate?)

Dav To Do

  • Servlet filter that makes StandardDavRequest and StandardDavResponse available to security filter as well as servlet
  • Make DavAccessDecisionManager operate on DavResource rather than directly on Item and User
  • Figure out why cadaver ls on /dav/users/ shows 404 for each member resource
  • Are there any properties that we would want to hide from PROPFIND requests made by ticketed users (i.e. properties that should only be exposed to the resource's owner)?

Abdera To Do

  • Exception handling
  • Conditional method processing


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