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Branding Project

Brand Name


  • Class 9 - computer software: (Chandler desktop, Chandler server)
  • Cass 42 - services: (Chandler hosted service)
  • When and where to use the ™ symbol with Chandler, see details at: TrademarkUseGuidelines
  • Issues regarding the licensing and use of logo graphics for use with Chandler™ at: LogoUseGuidelines

Domain Names

  • foundation website: osafoundation.org
  • brand website: chandlerproject.org (variants will redirect to chandlerproject.org)
  • brand blog: blog.chandlerproject.org
  • brand wiki: wiki.chandlerproject.org
  • hosted service: hub.chandlerproject.org

Product Name(s)

As a reminder we are naming the following pieces.... (see email thread on [pr] list - The current archive is only available to the list members
  • Suite/solution
  • Desktop
  • SNARF/OSAF Bundle (Server + Web UI)
  • Hosted Service

The naming candidates are....

  • Chandler (Suite/Solution)
  • Chandler Desktop
  • Chandler Hub (Hosted Service)
  • Chandler Server(SNARF/OSAF Bundle)
  • Extending Chandler Desktop (reference for the platform stuff)
  • Chandler Project

Project Names

For shorthand use in the developer community for wiki project pages, svn, maillists, bugzilla, etc.
  • Chandler Desktop
  • Cosmo Server
  • Hosted Service

Visual Branding


Brand Look & Feel

Licensing and Terms of Use

  • Trademark: we are registering Chandler™ both as downloadable software and as a hosted-service
  • Copyright: TBD
  • License terms: TBD
  • Styleguide: TBD

Position Statements

  • Pieter: assign target market position statements to people. Sending a creating position statement to pr list -- requesting position statement feedback with a deadline (sent 2/28)
    • Katie: Helen the hub (small organization)
    • Mimi: Casual collaborator (non-business)
    • Priss: Casual collaborator
    • Sheila: Helen the hub
    • Ted: developer community
    • Jared: hosted service, Helen the hub (small organization)
    • Pieter: Casual collaborator
post draft position statements on PreviewPositionStatementDrafts


-- PieterHartsook - 01 Mar 2007 -- MimiYin - 26 Feb 2007

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