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The Apple calendar server CalDAV test suite is pulled in to the Cosmo source tree through a Subversion external definition. This is all located in src/test/functional/apple in the Cosmo source tree.


Environmental configuration is done in serverinfo.xml. A lot of the stuff in there is irrelevant to Cosmo. If you are running an out of the box snarf, the only thing you need to worry about changing is . If Cosmo is mounted in your container at a path other than /chandler, you will have to globally replace /chandler with your mount path in serverinfo.xml as well.

After you have customized serverinfo.xml, run configure.py to overwrite the configuration in the CalDAVTester source tree.


User creation

create_users.py will create three users: appleuser1, appleuser2, appleuser3, each with the password appletest.

./create_users http://localhost:8080

You will also need to set up a calendar collection named calendar for the primary test user.

curl -X MKCALENDAR -u testuser1:testapple -i http://localhost:8080/chandler/dav/testuser1/calendar/

Apple setup

cd CalDAVTester/trunk
./run.py -s

This checks for the vobject and xattr dependencies. If they are not detected, the script checks them out of Subversion into CalDAVTester/. You will have to manually install them by changing into those directories and running python setup.py install.

Running tests

run.py does not actually run the full set of tests. Use testcaldav instead.

./testcaldav --all

You can specify individual test scripts as command line options instead of --all.

./testcaldav scripts/tests/reports.xml
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