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Cosmo Test Plans

Cosmo 0.6.1 Test Plan
Cosmo 0.7 Test Plan
Current Windmill Coverage

QA Cosmo Setup Notes

Process used for setting up 0.6.0

Cosmo Initial Performance Results: Windmill

All tests were run from my home DSL against QACosmo r3522 and at the time of the speed test I was averaging around 1000 kbps down /sec.

Initial Perf Suite

Firefox: MacOSX Safari: MacOSX Internet Explorer 6: Windows XP SP2


Cosmo Testing Procedures: The process for QA on each checkpoint, RC and release.
Cosmo QA Session Procedures: The process for conducting Cosmo QA Sessions.


Selenium Post Merge Update: Update on all the changes in regards to the post Cosmo-Scooby Merge.
Selenium Demo Overview: Information regarding the Selenium Demo.
Selenium Testing Overview: An overview of the setup I have been using to learn and develop Cosmo tests with selenium.
Selenium Methods Overview: An overview of the selenium functionality that is needed to test the Cosmo front end (formerly Scooby)
Selenium Future Overview: An overview of the bugs, issues, and future plans for use of selenium as an OSAF test tool.


Cosmo with MySQL Post Merge: Configuring Cosmo to use MySQL? after the merge.

BroadSword? and JSON-RPC

Cosmo/Scooby Testing Overview: A general overview showing the bigger picture on the way all the tools communicate and how to use them.
Test Suite Runner: Documentation explaining how to use runSuite.sh to run suites of tests.
Cosmo/Scooby Test Runner: Documentation explaining how to use TESTRunner.py to run tests more efficiently.
Setting up log4j to output to telnet: Documentation for configuring the osaf bundle using log4j to output using the telnetAppender.
Scooby Bug Notes: This is the initial documentation of bugs as they appear in my testing of scooby with the JSON-RPC test tool.
JSON-RPC Test Tool🙁Antiquated) This is an extension of the HTTPTest object used for testing applications via JSON-RPC. This includes example code for writing functional scooby tests.
Scooby Testing Research : The process I went through to understand how scooby and json-rpc currently work.
Scooby Testing, Code & Documentation: (Antiquated) This is the resulting documentation and code I have written to facilitate the Scooby testing procedure.

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