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Welcome to the Chandler Project Wiki

The Project Wiki is where we do our work. Here you will find active wiki pages on almost every aspect of the project from design and release planning to meeting notes and developer documentation. Read more...

What is Chandler?

Chandler is an open source Note-to-Self Organizer designed for personal and small-group task management and calendaring. Chandler consists of a cross-platform desktop application (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux), the Chandler Hub Sharing Service and Chandler Server.

Chandler Product

Chandler consists of a Chandler Desktop, Chandler Server and Chandler Hub Sharing Service. Chandler Preview manages Notes, Messages and Events. Chandler is not a full-fledged email application. However, you can send and receive items from other Chandler users as well as set up special Chandler IMAP folders to drag emails from your favorite email application into Chandler.

Longer term, we hope to enrich our PIM workflows with contacts and relationship management and take on the challenge of integrating documents, resources and large catalogs of data into the core information management workflows we have today.


Chandler Technologies

Chandler Desktop is written in a mixture of Python and C-based extensions. Important components include wx/wxPython, Berkeley DB, PyLucene, ICU, twisted, vobject, and many others.

Chandler Desktop is extensible using simple Python plugins which can be distributed on Cheeseshop. Plugins can add new views and new data types using schemas defined in the plugin.

Chandler Server is both a "database for PIM data" and an Ajax web UI to managing that data. All access to PIM data is done via HTTP calls using various protocols like CalDAV, Atom, WebDAV, Morse Code, and others. Server technologies include Java, Hibernate, Spring, iCal4j, and Abdera. The web UI is developed using the Dojo framework.

The Chandler Hub Sharing Service, hosted by OSAF, runs Chandler Server.


Chandler supports the following protocols and data formats: Chandler Server Morse Code, WebDAV, CalDAV, Atom, GData, POP and IMAP, .ics files.

OSAF Community

Chandler Desktop and Chandler Server are Open Source Applications Foundation projects. We are dedicated to building active open source communities around every aspect of these projects, from design and usability to marketing to development. Check out OSAF Community for more information, including:

Project governance principles
Ways to contribute
Ideas for "starter" projects

Wiki Overview

Product and Design

We practice our own brand of user-centered, open design. Here you will find user interviews, scenario and workflow analysis, storyboards and full-blown design proposals as well as discussions of the design process itself.


Planning begins with target users, target usage scenarios and organizational goals. From there, we formulate tenets to guide everything from high-level workflow and feature decisions to triaging bugs. In here, you will find workflow and feature specifications, bug triage and timetables, which are continuously refined through the release cycle as we iterate on design proposals and bug triage with Engineering.

Teams Wiki

OSAF paid staff is organized as a single team of 9 people. Follow our progress by subscribing to the Chandler Project collection.


Get the source! Download and get the source code for both the Desktop and Server. Find instructions for building, installing, running automated tests, and all of the other key tools for hacking on Chandler. Download and run your own server. Learn how to extend the Desktop by writing a Python plugin, and distributing it on Cheeseshop. Write a client that takes advantage of the server data using a variety of protocols. Get started with documentation and tutorials!

Notes Wiki

The home of all things unofficial, personal scratchpads and half-baked ideas.

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