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Chandler Desktop released (Ubuntu Jaunty only)

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

As noted by commenters on this blog, the Debian packages available for Chandler 1.0.3 don’t work on the newest Ubuntu release (9.04, a.k.a. Jaunty Jackalope). I fixed the problem in Chandler trunk a while back: It turned out that Python 2.6 introduced some errors that weren’t hard to address.

So, for Jaunty users only, there are now Chandler Debian packages available here.

Thanks to Matt Schafer for suggesting this, and for reminding me after I completely forgot to send out the announcement when I came back from vacation a couple of weeks ago.

For the record, the bugs fixed in this release are:

  • 12792 Chandler does not work under Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty
  • 11059 Upgrade twisted to 8.2.0

ChandlerQE for Android

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

The Chandler ecosystem gains a new member: ChandlerQE for Android. Your phone is always with you, so you can quickly send notes to the Chandler Hub, and then use Chandler Desktop or your desktop browser to manage your items.

When you first launch ChandlerQE for Android, it will ask for the Chandler Hub username and password. It will also try to automatically connect to the Hub to fetch your collections every time you change your username or password. The main UI consists of the title field, the content field, the collections list, and the send button. You can refresh your list of collections, and send notes to any of your collections.

This is also an experiment at doing something different in OSAF’s history. Even while OSAF had paid staff, there was ongoing discussion about how to make the foundation self-sustaining. The Apple AppStore and copycats have shown that people are willing to pay small amounts of money for mobile software. I proposed to OSAF that we try this out with ChandlerQE, and OSAF said yes. While ChandlerQE for Android is Open Source like everything else OSAF does, to download the installable package from Android Market or SlideME I am asking for a small fee. I will donate a percentage of the sales to OSAF.

You might also want to check out the initial release announcement.