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NOTE This list was compiled for the Preview Release in September 2007. We're releasing fixes and new features monthly. To keep abreast of what's new, read the release notes on The Chandler Project Blog.

Sharing Issues that affect both Chandler Desktop and Chandler Hub/Server


Currently, there are limitations in syncing your data across different machines and between the desktop and web applications. This includes:
  • All attributes are shared, including Read/Unread status
  • Edits you make on one machine are not flagged as Unread and moved to the top of the NOW section in a different machine

Ideally, there are a handful of attributes that should be broken down by user: Bug#8928

  • Per-user triage status versus a single triage status for the item
  • Per-user event status versus a single event status for the item
  • Per-user alarms versus a single alarm for the item
  • Support private annotations for both shared and emailed items: Bug#9644

We hope to address these eventually in a future revision.


Just like in your personal Chandler Desktop data repository, items are stored on Chandler Hub in what we call a big item soup. This allows us to do neat things like figure out that an item that is shared and re-shared in multiple collections is actually the same item so that editing that item in one collection updates that item in all the collections it appears in. However, it also has interesting security and user experience side effects. We hope to revisit how items are stored on the server post-Preview. Design Discussion

We've locked down view-only sharing to ensure that users don't unwittingly edit data they were never granted edit privileges to. If you receive an item via a view-only share, you can never edit it, even if you add it to a different collection where you have view and edit privileges. This leads to the strange scenario where you might actually lose edit privileges on an item you created and published, if you share it with others with a view-only sharing URL and then they share it back to you in a different collection with a view-only sharing URL.


There is currently no easy way to view a history of edits for a shared collection.

Chandler Desktop Issues

Partial Support for David Allen's GTD

If you practice David Allen's GTD methodology, you might be wondering where some of the basic GTD's concepts are hiding. Chandler Preview does not yet provide support for all of these concepts, more specifically:
  • No support for NEW: currently, newly created items are automatically triaged as NOW, except for events that are triaged as DONE, NOW or LATER depending on when they happen.
  • No support for @contexts, @agendas, waiting for and next action : Chandler currently does not provide any support for GTD's @contexts, @agendas, waiting for (Bug #9871) and next action concepts.
  • No support for @agenda and other GTD addressing schemes: The Who column in Chandler's Triage Table only indicates the most likely useful contact for any given item (last editor, addressee for an email, etc...). Chandler does not provide support for all of the GTD's addressing options.

Organizing Information in Collections

  • Dashboard feedback is confusing: Early adopters expressed confusion as to what Chandler's Dashboard is used for and what Keep out of Dashboard collections are. We are working on a better design for a future release (see List Discussion).
  • Single items cannot be excluded from the Dashboard: In particular, a single item cannot be excluded from the Dashboard collection (Bug #7599).
  • Dashboard, In, Out and Trash collections do not behave like other collections: Those collections have special behaviors that have been a source of confusion for early adopters. In particular, those collections do not participate in overlays (seeing several collections at the same time) and they always display in Triage Table view regardless of the application area (All, Mail, Task or Calendar) being used.
  • No support for sub categories: Collections cannot be nested, sub-tasks of a task cannot be created, these make managing sub projects more difficult.
  • No support for item linking: Though the underlying repository supports it, there's no User Interface to create and handle links between individual items.
  • No support for Tags: Tagging and labeling items with custom attributes are not supported
  • No support for Rules based collections: Building collections around rules and search queries (filters) is not supported
  • Search result limited to 200 items: For performance reason, the amount of results brought back by search is limited to the first most likely 200 matches.

Sharing and Collaboration

  • Conflict Resolution choices are unclear: The conflict messages are not translated into plain English (Bug #9704).
  • Conflict Resolution and item deletion are colliding: There are strange and difficult to resolve recurrence deletion / sharing / conflict resolution scenarios (Bug #9878).
  • No in-place visual feedback for syncing and sending items: The only feedback is provided in the status bar running at the bottom of Chandler.
  • Items created by others are showing up as From: Me: You may see messages that claim to be from you, created by other Chandler Desktop users who create and share messages with you via a Chandler Server. Ask those users to fill out their mail accounts and this problem will go away (Bug #9986).
  • Sharing Error when using Restore Settings to upgrade from Alpha 4: When restoring settings with an .ini file, you may need to edit the .ini file and replace all instances of /home/ with /dav/ (Bug #9046).


  • Chandler does not yet support Contacts: We expect to begin work on Contacts soon after Preview is released.


Chandler is not a full-fledged email client. Do not expect to be able to replace your current email application with Chandler (yet). Chandler does however send and receive emails as well as download messages via IMAP folders with the following limitations:
  • Chandler doesn't download all emails: Chandler Desktop only downloads from your IMAP Inbox emails sent from another Chandler Desktop clients. Optionally, Chandler also downloads emails you drop in specific Chandler folders located on your IMAP server.
  • Update overwrites emails: Currently, Chandler's updates received via email overwrite the previously sent or received message. Though it is supported by the Chandler repository, Chandler does not provide a way to consult the history of an item.
  • No support for private annotation: Chandler does not distinguish between personal annotations and updates to an item (Bug #9671).
  • Chandler prompts for filling mail accounts: If you are considering using Chandler without its email capabilities, you should delete the empty default mail accounts so you won't be prompted to fill out account information when you sync (Bug #8231).
  • Can't send email to addresses in other domains: You need to check Use authentication and enter your user name and password in the Outgoing Mail accounts dialog.


  • No month view available (Bug #5361)
  • No support for Free Busy: Chandler does not yet support publishing and subscribing to free-busy calendars.
  • No support for ITIP: Chandler does not support the enterprise-calendaring invitation and scheduling workflows (IMAP/ITIP).
  • Time zones confusing in some parts of Chandler: Time zones are hard to use / understand for alarms (see Bug #9267 and List Discussion), time of last sync for a share (Bug #9236) and Created on, Edited on, Sent on and Updated on dates in the Detail View (Bug #9238).
  • The "Just this event" option is not available for some operations: Addressing (stamping as an email), Read / Unread / Needs reply status, Send and Update can only apply to an entire recurring event series.
  • Received recurring events appear duplicated: As a consequence of the previous limitation, when receiving invitations and updates to invitations for recurring events, multiple instances of the recurring event will show up in the NOW section of your Triage Table (Bug #10023).

Triage Table

  • Triage order is puzzling: The triage status sort order needs a few more design / implementation iterations (see Bug #9658, Bug #9839, Bug #9065 | List Discussion).
  • Multi select only partially supported: Chandler does not allow to multi-select and edit, or remove/delete multiple items at a time.

Detail View

  • No support for rich text editing: No HTML editing/rendering either, in particular the ability to recognize and click URLs is missing (Bug #5013).
  • No support for an independent detail view window

Application Areas and Views

  • Dashboard cannot be viewed as a Calendar: Dashboard, In, Out and Trash collections can only be viewed as Triage Table. This is actually by design so that the event list can be triaged as a list but proved problematic for early adopters. We are working on another design for a future release.
  • Mini calendar doesn't filter events in the Triage Table: We are considering allowing navigating and filtering items in the Triage Table with the mini-calendar for a future release.

Application Basics

  • No robust keyboard support for power users and accessibility
  • No Undo for most operation
  • No Print for Calendar and Detail Views
  • No unified preferences panel for all settings (Bug #9615)
  • No automated migration of data between versions of Chandler
  • Regular 'Purge Obsolete Data' process blocks Chandler (Bug #9540)
  • Passwords deactivation losses account info
  • Numerous alignment and border issues
  • Alignment issues in toolbar icons (Bug #9612)
  • No consistent integrated progress bars for some operation (Bug #9932)

Other Chandler Desktop Bugs | All Bugs | Design Bugs


  • Bug #1692 Chandler uses too much memory on startup with empty repository
  • Bug #1849 Startup time is slow
  • Bug #3380 Long running Chandler grows memory footprint
  • Bug #3988 Importing a 3000 items calendar is slow
  • Bug #4611 Clicking on the app icon after minimizing the Chandler window doesn't work
  • Bug #5358 Startup crash for network user: lockf operation not supported


  • Bug #1753 Using the window Close button quits the application
  • Bug #2627 New note invisible at the bottom when summary view is full of items
  • Bug #3307 Dragging multiple items is awkward
  • Bug #3405 Reminder cannot be dismissed if it comes up on top of the accounts dialog
  • Bug #4447 Delete key doesn't delete the collection from the sidebar
  • Bug #5058 Can't reorder collections in the sidebar
  • Bug #7123 Repository merges deletes the selection
  • Bug #10543 Traceback when dropping .eml files into Chandler (fixed in 0.7.1)
  • Bug #10806 Sidebar greys out upon doing certain actions in Calendar or Sidebar


  • Bug #9626 Changing triage status on inbound email marks it as draft update
  • Bug #10526 Shared messages incorrectly marked as edited


  • Bug #2497 'Send' doesn't change to 'Send to New' when you add invitees to a shared collection
  • Bug #6537 Can't send an email that was written before account was configured
  • Bug #9318 No visible "queued" status
  • Bug #9478 Cryptic email error messages
  • Bug #9613 No in-place feedback when email has been sent
  • Bug #10150 No warning that IMAP folders make take a long time to show up in email client (fixed in 0.7.2)
  • Bug #10371 Creating new messages populates 'Send as' pulldown with incoming email address instead of outgoing email address
  • Bug #10728 'Send' button doesn't change to 'Update' on adding an email address to the To field (fixed in 0.7.1)


  • Bug #2686 Text control + calendar issues
  • Bug #4470 Can't subscribe to iCalendar with URL parameters in the link (fixed in 0.7.2)
  • Bug #5485 Dialog for removing a recurring event is worded confusingly
  • Bug #8378 Incorrect event date in the event details of the invite
  • Bug #8991 Deleting multiple recurring events at once results in a deluge of 'event change' dialogs
  • Bug #10602 Duplicate events on applying 'Future Changes' to events already updated on the server
  • Bug #10615 Import menu confusing for Mac users (iCal vs iCalendar)
  • Bug #10625 Anytime event date change not propagated
  • Bug #10671 Mini calendar busy bars don't go away after deleting a recurring event
  • Bug #10702 Changing recurring event back from 'all day' puts event at midnight (fixed in 0.7.1)


  • Bug #6001 Chandler doesn't allow read-write subscribers to hand-out read-only tickets
  • Bug #7231 Subscribing to a collection multiple times simultaneously causes problems
  • Bug #9263 When subscribing to DAV collections, all items show up as 'unread'. The workaround is to export all your events in ics format, delete them and reimport them.
  • Bug #9781 Unstamping a recurring task occurrence may not unstamp it in shared clients
  • Bug #9914 Unmodify conflicts should be displayed as pending conflicts
  • Bug #10222 When restoring settings with Chandler.ini, Chandler is not linking published shares to the correct sharing account if more than one accounts are used
  • Bug #10422 Sync-all silently quits after first collection errors out


  • Bug #5696 Search doesn't match sub-strings


  • Bug #8682 No support for export and reload certificates
  • Bug #10718 No support for export and reload of plug in data


  • Bug #2603 Uninstall does not remove all files (only on Windows 2000)
  • Bug #6171 Chandler doesn't launch on Windows if the path to the application contains unicode characters
  • Bug #7962 Installer fails on win2k


  • Bug #7352 ValueError after deleting the welcome message
  • Bug #8293 Grid tooltips are disabled in Linux
  • Bug #9358 Web links from 'Help' menu not working on Ubuntu
  • Bug #10634 Chandler on Linux allows deletion of out of the box collections (In, Out, Trash and Dashboard)

Chandler Hub/Server Issues

The 0.7 Preview Chandler Hub/Server is not intended for standalone usage, nor is it fully prepared to support Desktop users looking for a way to access their data via the web. Instead, the Hub is designed for relatively lightweight usage by those wanting to collaborate with a Desktop user on a shared collection.

As a result, there are a number of significant ways in which the Hub user experience is different from that of Chandler Desktop.


  • Can remove items from collections, but cannot delete a item from all collections
  • Cannot add items from one collection to another
  • Cannot see all the collections an item appears in
  • No application areas
  • No Dashboard collection
  • No In/Out collections
  • No Trash collection


  • Cannot send / receive email, although shared email can be edited.
  • Cannot download email from special Chandler IMAP folders

Sharing and Collaboration

  • Cannot remove collections
  • Cannot generate sharing URLs to to hand out to others
  • No conflict resolution. Your edits are always overwritten by whomever last edited an item.


  • No month or day view
  • No calendar overlays
  • Cannot assign a time zone to your calendar view

Triage Table

  • Triage Table only displays first 10 DONE items

  • Who column only displays who last edited an item
  • No Reminder / Calendar column
  • Date column only displays Event start date/time
  • No clickable buttons in the Triage Table itself
  • No Triage Status sections
  • No delayed Triage sort. As a result, items may shift or disappear onto another page as soon as they are triaged.

  • No real-time auto-triaging as you edit the calendar date/time fields

Detail View

  • Layout is too crowded
  • No auto-complete for any fields
  • Notes field is too small
  • No rich text editing
  • No alarms
  • Remove and Save buttons sometimes scroll off view
  • Easy to forget to Save items after you edit them


  • Incomplete tooltips
  • No context menus
  • Incomplete keyboard support
  • The 'Quick Entry / Create a new item' field only creates Notes and does not parse date/time information for events
  • Long Timezone names are cut off

Application Basics

  • Expand account settings

Visual Polish


  • Support for CalDAV is at draft 9, not the CalDAV RFC.

Chandler Hub/Server Bugs | 0.10 Bugs | 1.0 Bugs


  • Bug#11141 iCal3 Interop :: iCal3 can't handle collection names with spaces
  • Bug#11142 iCal3 Interop :: Error when creating new collection from iCal3
  • Bug#11143 iCal3 Interop :: Collection not showing up in CalDAV account
  • Bug#11144 iCal3 Interop :: Events stamped as tasks don't show up as either in iCal


  • Bug#10014 Cannot remove huge collection through DAV
  • Bug#10290 Account Browser: Creating tickets for an item


  • Bug#9281 New signups frequently get activation email spam-trapped
  • Bug#9548 logging and accessing calendars on Hub is unacceptably slow
  • Bug#9456 Data corruption on osaf.us
  • Bug#7506 Unresponsive script logging in

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