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0.6 Planning

0.6 Tenets

  • Usable Calendar
    • We want to be able to "dogfood" the 0.6 calendar at OSAF.
  • Polished UI
    • Polishing the ui will help calendar usability. We'll polish other areas of the application as well.
  • Infrastructure Investment
    • We're going to invest in some projects for developer and qa productivity. We want Chandler to be testable, high quality source code.
    • We're going to continue to make some investments on email and internationalization.
  • Developer Platform
    • A python programmer new to the project should be able to develop a Flickr-like parcel without someone from OSAF in the room.

More on ZeroPointSixGoals...


Milestone 0.5.06 released Oct 19, 2005. A summary of features and bugs can be found on the following page.

Old Milestone report cards...

Specs and Proposals

Spec Name Owner Dev Owner Status Tasks
Sharing Sheila Morgen Implementation in progress SharingProject
Recurrence Sheila Jeffrey Harris Implementation in progress ZeroPointSixCalendarService
Detail View Sheila Bryan Stearns Sent out for broader review on dev list - pending developer details bugzilla
Sidebar Sheila John Anderson Technical review scheduled for 06/30/05 bugzilla
App Polish (toolbar, bevelling, margins) and Visual Guidelines Sheila Jed Prepared prioritized list and waiting for dev feedback. bugzilla
Calendar Sheila Alec & Jed Implementation in progress bugzilla
Trash and Deletion Sheila Alec Second draft updated - email sent to dev  
iCalendar (mapping Chandler events to iCalendar) Sheila Jeffrey Harris Needs review iCalendar project
Timezones Sheila Grant Baillie Needs architecture review ZeroPointSixCalendarService
Item Collection Ted Leung Begin integration with Chandler ZeroPointSixCollections
wxPython / wxWidgets David Surovell See wxPython page for details on current tasks bugzilla
CPIA documentation John Anderson 2 tasks planned for 0.5.04: create an example parcel (3229) then update the documentation with this code example (3226). ETA July 13th.  
CPIA Script Donn Denman Schedule a review bugzilla
Schema API Phillip Eby Implementation in progress; see also this update - Implementation in progress - end user documentation implemented
I18N Plan for 0.6 Brian Kirsch Proposal ready for review. i18n roadmap InternationalizationProject, bugzilla
Cert Management Heikki Spec was reviewed, draft #2 in progress SecurityFramework
SSL & TLS Heikki First draft in progress SecurityFramework
Accessibility Heikki UI details added - get feedback from dev, see also AccessibilityProject bugzilla
ContextMenuSpec Mimi and Sheila Arel Reviews as necessary  
Undo Katie Won't start until after m4  
Zanshin Spec Grant 1st draft available WebdavService

Cleanup and Polishing

This list includes bugs, visual polish and the completion of current functionality for supporting a more coherent experience with the product features that exist today. Some of these items also involve rearchitecture work, particularly around the detail view and notifications. The goals is to prioritize and resource this list of items before proceeding with any new feature work. The cleanup items fall into the following categories.

  • Overall application polish - PolishItems
    • Make the application look visually clean and consistent.
  • Detail view refactoring - DetailView
    • Address number of bugs, rework notifications and integrate attribute editor renderer.
  • Sidebar and navigation - Sidebar
    • Complete the work from 0.5
  • Drag and drop - DragAndDrop
    • Fix all the remaining drag and drop bugs.
  • Calendaring functionality - Calendar
    • A number of bugs fixes and enhancements to the calendar user experience.
    • Finish Mini calendar - - MiniCalendar
  • Toolbar and buttons, bitmaps - Toolbar
  • Non calendar specific bugs - Other
    • Fix a few items in the summary table view and other non-calendar areas of the app.

Full details for all the cleanup and polishing tasks can be found in ZeroPointSixCleanup.

Usable Calendar Functionality

Full details regarding the current proposals and issues for the next set of usable calendar features can be found at ZeroPointSixCalendar.


Trash and Deletion

  • Fix all the existing removal bugs.
  • Include keyboard shortcuts
    • DnD to the trash removes events from the calendar (assume single membership).
      • Should be able to multi-select and drag.
    • Hitting delete on the keyboard simply removes the event from the selected calendar. Should support multi-select.
    • Add Remove and Trash buttons to the toolbar.

Sidebar & Toolbar

  • Overlay calendars with color display and means to turn them on and off.
  • Printing event details.
    • Improve formatting.

Main calendar view

  • Color events based on their membership to a particular calendar.
  • Use saturation to distinguish between selected calendar events and turned on calendars that are overlayed but not selected.
  • Timezones
    • Add the field for setting/changing an event timezone to the detail view of the event item
    • Add the feature for setting/changing a calendar timezone that automatically converts all events to the new timezone. (See upper right hand corner of Apple iCal)
    • Changing the timezone should have no effect on All-Day events.
    • Nice to have behavior: An event is scheduled for 9AM EST, but the user's calendar is set to PST. Correct display: The 9AM EST event is displayed in the 6AM PST time slot on the calendar BUT the time header on the event in the summary calendar view displays 9AM EST. Basically, display the event timezone time in the summary view event header, but place it in the calendar timezone timeslot if the event timezone differs from the calendar timezone.
  • Search - focused on calendar fields.
    • Textbox in the toolbar.
    • Results in summary table view.

Calendar detail view

  • Recurrence
    • Basic recurrence: Requires a standard pulldown menu. Daily, Weekly, Monthly (on this date), Yearly (on this date) and Custom.
    • UI for setting recurrence parameters for an event in the detail view.
    • UI for setting recurring events in the calendar view.
    • UI for indicating that something in the calendar view is a recurring event.
    • Deletions and modifications to recurring events.
  • Improved date time entry widget on the detail view to make event creation easier.
    • Handle multi-day events.
  • Alternate layouts. One with the detail view to the right and a second with the detail view below the summary table view (widescreen vs horizontal).
  • Integrate reminders with OS reminders so that alarms pop-up even when Chandler is not running.

Mini Calendar

  • Preview area.
  • Multiple mini-cal month display.
  • Add the ability to open and close the mini-cal.


  • Publish and subscribe
    • Mechanism to support obtaining and entering a url.
    • Publish calendar with readonly or readwrite access to particular individuals.
  • Next steps in workflow for setting up a webDAV account.
  • Supporting tickets.
  • Backend API for retrieving tickets.
  • Simple conflict and change log for server and client changes.
  • Potential research project - Exchange sharing.
  • Event URLs - giving access to events and ways to view them.

Interoperability Goals

  • CALDAV support
    • Store shared events in iCalendar format.
    • Implement Free-busy CALDAV report.
  • iCalendar work
    • Finish import/export of calendars.
    • Represent all Chandler event types in iCalendar format - No scheduled tasks.
      • Anytime, All-day, Multi-day, Specific-date-time-no-duration, Specific date-time.
    • Importing and displaying timezone information.
    • Importing and displaying recurrence information.

Developer Platform and Infrastructure


  • A user should be able to import a 3000 event calendar and use it with reasonable response times.
  • ZeroPointSixPerformanceUseCases
  • [OI?] Need to provide list of target hardware for 0.6.
    • Mac: 1GHz G4, 512MB RAM
    • PC: 2GHz Pentium 4, 512MB RAM

Item Collection

  • Refactoring item collections, query, and notifications
    • Fixes cluster of 0.5 bugs.
    • Fixes import performance problems.
    • Supports sidebar features.

Migration and schema evolution initiative

  • Handle primary use cases for backup and restore.
  • Proposal is backup and restore of calendar data via import/export as iCalendar data.
  • Some design tasks for eventual schema evolution.

Extending Chandler

  • Schema Python API: be able to define Chandler schema (new Kinds) in python, no parcel xml required.
  • Documentation for extensibility. 3rd party developers should be able to write a parcel without someone from OSAF in the room.
  • Modularization: flatten the parcel/python package hierarchy, remove circular dependencies
  • Extension points: define well known extension points, document them.


  • Infrastructure to use localized strings and dates in the user interface.
    • Choose datetime format for Repository.
    • Make ICU libraries available in Python.
    • Repository support for localizable strings.
    • Tool/utility support for generating appropriate .pot files
  • [OI?] TBD - Should we have a localized version of Chandler in 0.6?


  • Some backend IMAP work scheduled for 0.6.
  • [OI?] Need some requirements to be defined for this. Will be scheduled for later in 0.6.

Content Model

  • General refactoring and cleanup.
  • Supporting notion of a person that can be referred to by mail and the calendar.
  • Interaction with the table and detail view.
  • Subset of work is yet to be defined or scheduled.


  • Goals for 0.6 are design and plan related only. No development currently scheduled.

CPIA Script

  • CPIA Script

Other Projects

  • Integration with 2.5.6 wxPython.

  • Investigation of a screen sharing mechanism for demos.
    • Use for people on the phone.
    • Recorded demos.

Design Goals

  • Work on plan and design for Undo functionality.

Deferred Items

Free-busy support

  • Publish free-busy workflow and synchronization.
  • Implement Free-busy CALDAV report.
  • UI workflows for specifying individuals and free-busy view.

iMip Event Invitations

  • Sending and receiving iMip invitations from Chandler and other clients.
  • Edit and update invitations.
  • Receive updates to invitations.
  • Reply, Reply all and Forward - support in detail view, toolbar buttons to do this.
  • Attachments UI - Viewing, saving attachments that may be included with the invitation.
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