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0.7 Architecture Projects List

Master List

We (Apps and Platform teams) decided to create a unique master list since most of what we identified are co-owned or have enough overlap to warrant a cross team effort.

Estimate: Take this number with a spoonful of salt! This is a very very early SWAG put together by the Apps team during a lively 15 minutes exercise and has no true planning value. The numerator is the total of weeks people collectively estimated and the denominator the number of active voters. The resulting ratio is then the currently estimated number of weeks.


  • 1 : needs to be done whether it's a long overdue item, already discussed but was too late for 0.6, required for 0.7 no matter what...
  • 2 : very likely required for 0.7
  • 3 : depend on 0.7 tenets
  • 4 : research project
Feature Owner(s) Estimate Bugs Priority Comments
Bidirectional references for Collections Andi, John, Katie     2 Needed for decent "also appear in" perf, required if we put that in the calendar lozenge
Search and Sort john     1 Sort is already in (with caveats). Search needs to be implemented likely in Phase 1 of Dashboard but with a simple UI. Final UI (in the toolbar) is gated by Toolbar rework.
Rethinking indexes andi       Needs to support Sort
Item Notification andi, john, bryan, ted 12/5 Bug:4592 1 Done
Using hints to reduce notifications john, alec   Bug:4658 1 Alec has landed the hints architecture/implementation and it is currently in use in the calendar.
John or Alec will do the work to make the table use it too.
Use Python eggs pje        
Preferences framework         Well commented on the Dev list
Undo john, jeffrey 19/5 Bug:3228    
Domain model grant        
Contacts domain model grant        
Content model and table relationship          
Schema Upgrade pje     1  
Recurrence Refactoring grant, jeffrey 8/4 Bug:4456 Bug:4535 Bug:4748   Remove "scalability bombs" among others
Index merging andi        
Sharing merging andi        
Update to SWIG v1.3.29 robin, andi   Bug:4432 1 We ended up going directly to 1.3.29
CPIA Refactoring john, philippe, reid 13/5   1 Scope, vision, refactoring and documentation
Minical in Python alec 10/3 Bug:3045 Bug:3526 Bug:3630 Bug:4194 Bug:4610 Bug:4669 1 Alec landed a first Python rework which ended up being smaller and allow easier integration with PyICU?
Attribute Editors everywhere john 13/5 Bug:2978 Bug:2986 Bug:2241 2 This includes putting AE in dialogs and in CalendarCanvas
Summary table view rework john, bryan, jeffrey 34/7   1 Bryan suggested to derive the CollectionCanvas to have more flexibility here. See thread on Dev list.
Alec has implemented sections in the existing grid, though there is still work to do.
Detail View changes bryan 16/7   2 Important in the context of more attributes showing up in that space, especially email (scrollable, collapsable by parts, ...)
Improve status bar alec 7/6 Bug:2985 4 Deprecated. After consideration, we decided not to waste time on this for 0.7.
Improve Print reid 24/6   2  
Improve Toolbar and Markup bar reid 23/7 Bug:4974 1  
wx debug environment reid, david 17/6   1 Reid working on attaching Chandler to XCode and get symbolic debuging (whatever compiler has been used). David working on getting Chandler compiling under XCode. Objective is to have symbolic debugging from Python all the way to C++ (wxWidgets) to make hunting wx bugs easier. John has a working solution for Windows using VS.
System for Preferences alec, reid 5/5   1 Done! At least in code. Need to get that evangelized and documented.
System for Styles reid, john, philippe 23/5 Bug:2981 Bug:3504 Bug:3553 Bug:3635 Bug:3824 Bug:4250 Bug:4264 Bug:4273 Bug:4449 Bug:4549 2 Externalize some style info so that it's easier to change them (font size, style and color, borders, etc...). Note that there's a Mimi's screenshot of nit picky stuff to polish in 0.7 which is a good example list of things we should allow to be easily editable in styles (so that it does not create zillions of buglets...). Bug:2981 is the mother-of-all style bugs.
Reporting mechanism (a la talkback) Heikki   Bug:4025    
HTML rendering/editing alec (if Mozilla), philippe, bryan 35/7   4 We need that for email mostly. Options are: use platform toolkits (ActiveX WinIE component, Mac WebKit, ?? on Linux), use Gecko everywhere, Scintilla, others...
Switch to Core Graphics (Mac) reid, david 16/7   1 Done and turned on by default. Will require some solid testing and debugging.
XUL prototype alec, philippe 13/5   4 This is a research project (evaluation). Gated by the availability of Python as a scripting language in FF/XUL
Trunk parent block cleanup john, bryan, alec 5/5 Bug:4281, Bug:4657 1 Clean up done. Left to do: try to simplify the passing of extra collection info, and possibly deal with multiple selection a little more cleanly
Clean up the concept of a "view" or event boundary in CPIA alec, john 5/3   1 So, for instance FocusBubbleUp can bubble up through the views without depending on the widget hierarchy
Activity Viewer jeffrey 12/6 Bug: 5079 Bug:2985 4 Not really an architecture but more a feature issue. Needs a short spec first.

Future projects

To be moved out of 0.7 page, but capturing here until they have a home

  • Calendar canvas changes (stickies, variable hour height, etc... see Design list discussion)
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