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The following document is summary of Sharing in Chandler, as it exists for the 0.4 release. It is being produced as a community effort. If you notice any mistakes, please fix them.

More information, including screen shots, is available at Chandler Guided Tour (.pdf format).

Getting Started with sharing

The first thing to realize is that in 0.4, sharing is at an early stage of development. It may take a significant amount of time to synchronize and there may be bugs. These things are getting worked on, and will be greatly improved in 0.5.

To get started, Select File -> Preferences -> Accounts... and fill in information there. To work with sharing, you will need a WebDAV account, SMTP to send notifications, and IMAP to receive notifications.

Creating shares (sending invitations)

To initiate sharing an item collection, select it, and from the menu choose Collections -> Share this collection. On the resulting screen, you can enter the email address of the person to whom you are sharing, and a subject, which will become the name of the shared item collection. Click "Notify" to start the process.

Behind the scenes, Chandler will upload some necessary information to your chosen WebDAV server, and send a link to it in a special message sent to the email address you've given. Shares are bidirectional once established, so users on either end can read or modify the items shared.

Accepting share invitations

Every time you check mail, Chandler looks for a special message that initiates a share. When such a message is detected, you will get a notification like "user@email.addr has invited you to subscribe to 'My Share Name (Shared)'. Would you like to accept the invitiation?". If you click "Yes", the share is established. In 0.4, there's no way to "unshare" something.

Note that in 0.4, you can force an email check from the menu at Test -> Get Mail, or by synchronizing.


In 0.4, Chandler uses a manual technique for synchronizing. Simply put: 1) you have to synchronize after any changes you want to be visible on the share, and 2) you have to synchronize to pick up any changes made on the other end of the share.

To synchronize, on the menu choose File -> Sync -> Shares, or click the double arrow toolbar button. The status bar shows progress information while sync is in progress.

Known Bugs

  • Sync is slow, especially when more than 5 or so items are shared
  • If you have multiple shares between partners, shared items might get confused between item collections, particularly if one or more share notifications don't come through (say, due to misconfigured email settings)

-- MicahDubinko - 25 Oct 2004

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