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0.5 Planning


This is a first in a series of Dog Food Releases, in which we within OSAF start using Chandler for our own work in progressively more sophisticated personal information management areas and tasks. High-level goals:

Dog food functionality:

  • Calendar: Be able to perform basic individual and collaborative calendaring tasks within a small organization (up to 30 people). After 0.5, users should be able to routinely:
    • Create, edit and delete calendar events
    • Navigate around the calendar in the near and distant future through the calendar summary and mini-calendar views
    • Review past and upcoming events in daily and weekly granularity
    • Collaborate on a shared individual calendar, allowing multiple authors to read, create and edit events on the shared calendar.

Experimentally usable functionality:

  • Email: users should be able to perform basic functions of email

As part of making the product usable for ourselves, we also want to start focusing much more on:

  • Visual and UI Polish - we will have specific visual polish goals for 0.5
  • Performance - goal is to start benchmarking key performance areas, identify bottlenecks and make low-hanging fruit improvements
  • Reliability
  • Download footprint


Chandler 0.5 was released March 29, 2005.


This includes the current running list of specs for functionality defined by the use cases below. This list will grow as the planning progresses.

Kibble Workflows Affected

As part of every release we will validate the status of the release against our high level Kibble workflows to indicate which ones are newly supported with this dot release, enhanced or unaffected.


  • Reading new mail ( minimal ui for viewing if attachments are present)
  • Writing new mail
  • Scheduling an event for myself ( subj inline editing, all day/anytime events, reminders, enhanced event detail view )
  • Creating new tasks ( visual improvements to detail view )
  • Reviewing/editing my calendar ( mini calendar, week/day view, printing, toolbar/sidebar navigation, tasks vs events, confirmed, tentative, fyi, enhancements to detail view )
  • Searching for mail ( not yet supported )
  • Cleaning up items ( fix bug to remove an item )


  • Distinguishing mail for follow-up ( not yet supported )
  • Manually filing mail ( drag and drop bug fixes )
  • Reviewing/editing my tasks ( not yet supported )


  • Reviewing/editing a shared calendar ( improvements to sharing invitation workflow, infrastructure for acls )
  • Scheduling an event with someone else ( not yet supported )
  • Reviewing mailing lists ( not yet supported )

Key New Use Cases and Workflows

Calendar Functionality -

  • Calendar navigation (P1)
    • open calendar week or day view by using the "app/kind" filter.
    • remove layout options from summary table view and month view option.
    • open the calendar week or day view using the mini calendar (double click).
    • persistence for week or day view.
    • go to the day view from the week view.
    • navigate back from the day view to the week view.
    • navigate between weeks from the day or week view (fwd and back).
    • change the week from the mini calendar (single click) if we are in week view.
    • change the day from the mini calendar (single click) if we are in day view.
    • navigate between months on mini calendar.

  • Calendar display
    • In place editing of calendar events for both week and day views - subject field (P1)
    • Support top area for "anytime during day", all-day and multi-day events. Expand/collapse area if too many items. (P2)
    • Visual elements (P1)
      • distinguish between events and tasks.
      • Statuses (events and tasks) - confirmed (black bars), tentative (dotted black line), fyi (grey bar).
      • Red line for conflict in events and tasks.
  • Mini calendar
    • confimed events/tasks preview (P1)
    • navigation as described above (P1)
    • my free/busy view in mini calendar - busy bars (P2)
  • Printing for calendar week and day views (P2) - something VERY basic.
  • All day/anytime events (P2)
  • Calendar reminders (P2)
    • minimal proposal - popup dialog to alerts user of upcoming event, no user specified notification time (P1).
  • Event detail view
    • Visual polish for detail view (P1)
  • Import/Export of iCalendar format from and to Chandler. Priority for 0.5 is to handle our format only (P2)
    • Item under File menu test this.

Collection Sharing Functionality

  • Significant sharing infrastructure improvements (P1)
  • Sharee invitation workflows
    • invitation received by sharees - not a popup dialog (P1)
      • clicking on invite displays collection detail view - user can accept
  • Invitations and resharing - to/from in invitations versus share owner.
  • Ability for sharer, sharee to suspend synching (P1).
  • Sharing termination (P1)
    • Removing items from a shared collection
  • 2 level permissions - Writer, Editor (P1)
    • No UI to display or manipulate this. All work on backend client UI.
  • Notes on the next iteration of webDAV account support can be found at WebDAVAccountMgmtMeeting20041209. Additional server requirements can be found at MarketingDavServerPointFive.

Other Features

  • Visual polish for detail view - Notes, Tasks, Messages (P1) - some visual bug goals for detail view overall.
  • Revisit chrome layouts - change to vertical layout (P2).
  • Email
    • attachments - backend workflows (P2)
    • attachment UI (detail view (P1), summary view (P2)) - Something very minimal - more of a dev UI. [OI?] We will have something in the detail view but NOT the summary view.
  • Support for drag and drop [OI?] P1 bug fixes. Jed to provide scope of remaining issues.
  • Sidebar navigation, app bar/sidebar collection/view interaction. (P1)
  • App bar icons in the toolbar (P1)
  • Chandler installers (P2)

Developer Dog Food

  • High level goal: be able to present examples that 3rd party parcels could follow, at PyCon
    • Refactor application to support 'capplets', with well defined ways for a parcel to add to chandler's ui
    • Bring back ZaoBao (RSS reader) as a well structured 'capplet', documented as an example
    • Refactor application to support a server mode
    • Add Morgen's photo parcel, running in server mode, documented as an example

Items deferred from original 0.5 proposal or scoped out of release

  • Deletion
    • Moving an item to the trash (P1)
    • Empty the trash (P1)
    • Moving back from trash (P2)
  • Invite and schedule meetings or events among peers (very, early beginnings supporting a simple text email) 01/13/05
    • scoped out due to time constraints. We also decided that some of the work may be unecessary if we are moving to iMip
  • Mini calendar - my free/busy view in mini calendar (P2) - scoped out of 0.5 on 10/28/04
  • Mini calendar - multiple month display (P3) - scoped out of 0.5 on 10/28/04
  • Recurring events (P3) - scoped out of 0.5 on 10/28/04
  • Multi-select calendars in the sidebar to overlay them (P2) - scoped out of 0.5 on 10/28/04
  • Removing sharees - not in 0.5 based on engineering plan - 10/28/04
  • Support for message counts, read/unread status (P2/P3) 11/04/04
  • Read, reply, reply all, forward (P3) scoped out of 0.5 on 11/04/04
  • Multi-select in sidebar - overlay collections with non-calendar items (P3) - scoped out of 0.5 on 11/04/04
  • Support for message history (P3) - dependent on reply, forward - scoped out of 0.5 on 11/04/04
    • potential first step: visual status but no clustering
  • No Chandler UI for viewing or changing sharing permissions - scoped out 11/04/04
  • Allow users to check-off tasks (P2) - No resource currently assigned and Mitch wants to revisit design anyhow - scoped out of 0.5 on 11/09/04
  • Free-busy view (P2) - Scoped out of release on 11/11/04. Engineering is already at full capacity and there are too many short-cuts (share cal = free-busy) we are doing to support this. We decided it was better to design properly and add back in to 0.6.
  • Publish free-busy information by sharing a calendar collection (P1) - scoped out 11/11/04
  • Sharing statuses removed due to implementation issues 11/15/04.

  • joting a quick note using the text entry widget
  • in-place creation and editing in summary table view
  • triage - mark as done, defer an item
  • mark and purge workflow
  • archiving and junking
  • mark as needs reply
  • sidebar management: persistent selection of kind filter, reordering sidebar items
  • building rules and filters
  • search - search items by keyboard, dynamic search results, save searches
  • add columns
  • displaying messages to "me"
  • clusters
  • text formatting for reply and forward (ie: quote levels etc)
  • updating an item - back and forth updating
  • email addressing with auto-complete pulldowns
  • horizontal layout ( ie: detail view on the side)
  • slide open mini-calendar browser
  • custom tabs
  • more dnd features
    • drag collection from sidebar to tab bar
    • drag and drop URLs and text
    • drag and hover behavior
  • fade in/out animation
  • image and text in a column in the summary table to distinguish calendar dates
  • trays, composite views
  • setting up multiple email accounts
  • drag and drop onto mini calendar (P3)

Improvements of Base UI Components TBD: Need to decide which aspects of base UI to improve in 0.5 - Mimi's visual bugs for Kibble is a good reference.

Outstanding Issues:

  • Things that have slipped from 0.4 - need to make sure we review this list and have it incorporated in all the workflows.
  • Preferences - (TBD) need to determine what preference setup we should support (the design team has not discussed this)
    • appearance - fonts and color
    • synching
    • notifications
    • security
    • time zones
  • email notifications for changes to shares broadcast to sharees (global setting for calendar shares) (P1) - still up for discussion.

Terminology Review

Marketing Materials

Meeting Notes

Wiki pages with "ZeroPointFive" in the title


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