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Third Party Licenses in Chandler

Project License Name License Type OSAF relicensing? Notices? Notes
Python programming language PSF License Agreement BSD-like Yes Yes Must describe changes made to Python; v. 2.3.2
Berkeley DB XML database Sleepycat Software Product License copyleft, the scope is anything that uses the database, and all modules in an exectable. Linux-like "OS exception" for scope No Yes commercial licenses available to avoid copyleft (just as OSAF plans)
wxPython/wxWidgets GUI framework The wxWindows Library Licence modified LGPL No for source, yes for binary yes LGPL with exception for binary distros
Lucene text search engine The Apache Software License Apache Yes Yes v. 1.1
OpenSSL SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol implementation OpenSSL License BSD-like Yes Yes  
M2Crypto Python wrapper for OpenSSL M2Crypto License BSD-like Yes Yes  
Twisted networking library MIT MIT ? ?  
EXIF.py, parsing EXIF from photos BSD and PD BSD and PD Yes Yes  
Feedparser.py, parsing RSS feeds Python Python ? ?  
Amazon.py, web services API to Amazon.com Python Python ? ?  
flickr.py, web services API to Flickr.com Custom - see file BSD Yes Yes  
Previous Releases
elementtree XML processing          
Libxml2 XML parser The MIT License BSD Yes Yes Was removed from 0.7 in Feb 06
yapps, parser generator The MIT License BSD Yes Yes  
SOAPpy Python version of Simple Object Access Protocol Python License (CNRI Python License) BSD-like Yes Yes Need to describe changes made to CRNI licensed code; v 1.6.1; includes choice of law clause; documentation notes confusion as to whether v. .6.1 is GPL-compatible
Jabber-py streaming XML protocols for IM LGPL        
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