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Testing Chandler

This document captures the various test cycles conducted during each release cycle of Chandler. It documents the different kinds of tests conducted at various stages of the release and clarifies the responsibility of each test cycle. The overall quality goal is to ensure that the design and implementation meets the product requirements definition as well as be usable and acceptable to the end user in terms of feature functionality, UI, performance and operability.

Testing Chandler is something that can really help us at OSAF and will help us even more as time goes on. In particular, because Chandler is a cross-platform and a GUI application, it is difficult for us to run tests across all of the different possible platforms.

We do have a set of "standard" tests:

  • PreCheckInTests -- tests that developers should run before checking in changes
  • UnitTests -- automated tests that are run by the build system. Developers are responsible for adding unit tests for the components they develop. For every component in the system there should be corresponding unit tests that can be run just to validate the functionality of that component.
  • AcceptanceTests -- tests that anyone can run in order to "bless" a release. This is a more extensive list of manual tests that are conducted during functionality testing of the release. The plan is to add more automated UI tests to to this test suite.

If you want to test sharing, you'll need a WebDAV account somewhere. You can get a free account from Sharemation. If you want to set up your own WebDAV server, see http://www.webdav.org/mod_dav.

We have very few automated tests. If you have expertise in creating automated tests for a GUI system, we could use your help!

We are interested in hearing about most bugs. Please see ReportingBugs?.

-- AparnaKadakia - 30 Jul 2004

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