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Cryptography and PKI in Chandler

Chandler supports IMAP, POP and SMTP over SSL/TLS, as well as sharing over SSL (HTTPS).

Of Historical Interest

These are no longer directly applicable to Chandler.

  • DartmouthPkiProposal was a proposal that started PKI work for real. It contains a lot of information in the form of questions and answers.

Recommended Reading

  • Secure Programming Cookbook for C and C++ by John Viega and Matt Messier, ISBN 0-596-00394-3. Book site 1. Errata.

  • Practical Cryptography by Niels Ferguson and Bruce Schneier, ISBN 047122894X. Book site 1
  • Network Security with OpenSSL by John Viega, Matt Messier and Pravir Chandra, ISBN 059600270X. Books site 1, 2
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