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Release Management Responsibilities

These are the people responsible for various parts of the release process. Heikki will back up Bear and Aparna if they're away as well as doing the high-level release management. (Lisa will back up Sheila or Heikki or find other ways to handle their absences)

High-level release management: Heikki

  • Coordinate cross-group discussion of schedule and cut/slip decisions
  • Input from bug triage, bug council, engineering meetings
  • Make sure the next target date is selected, appropriate to the circumstances as they change, and communicated broadly enough
  • Announce target date events such as building a milestone build or switching to code fixing
  • Think ahead (help us avoid surprises)

Bug Management: Aparna

  • Tracking and communicating bug counts
  • Scheduling and running bug triage meetings
  • Closely monitor blocking bugs and follow up
  • Sheila is primary design contributor, can be assigned bugs to add this info
  • Developers can be responsible for adding technical info to bugs if it's thought to be helpful
  • Typically Aparna will dispose of bugs after triage
  • Mark bugs as relnote, regression, etc.
  • Write release notes for major releases (not milestones or checkpoints) based on "relnote" bug list (maybe help from Sheila)

Build management: Bear

  • Announce tree freeze
  • Launch and release builds on or after target dates
  • Sheila compiles milestone report card? based on input from dev team managers
  • Aparna will co-ordinate with Bear on giving him the green light on starting the builds.

Library Management: Bear

  • Coordination of library upgrades - either by request of the App or Product team or as a result of security or other events
  • Identify new library version and reason for upgrade
  • Coordinate with App, Product and QA teams about pending update
  • Get feedback from group as to priority
  • Schedule update

Non-Code Items: Sheila

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