PyEGADS is a Python wrapper for EGADS, which is a cryptographically strong pseudo-random number generator and entropy daemon. PyEGADS is cross platform.

PyEGADS is a Python extension developed with SWIG toolkit and Python programming language. PyEGADS provides cryptographically strong pseudo-random numbers and strings, and raw entropy suitable for seeding OpenSSL and similar libraries (a good OpenSSL wrapper for Python is M2Crypto).

License & Copyright

MIT License

Copyright 2004 Open Source Applications Foundation. All rights reserved. Author: Heikki Toivonen.

Download PyEGADS

version 0.2:

  • pyegads.tgz


Please send bug reports directly to the author.

Known bugs (help wanted):

  • Stability problems on Linux
    • Just running will crash.
  • Debug version crashes on Windows (release or debug EGADS)
  • EGADS is a resource hog, at least on Windows. The process hogging 160 MB RAM (in 1 GB system) is not uncommon, and when you call a function to get entropy the CPU jumps to near 100% for the duration of the call, which can take several seconds for something as little as 32 bits.
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