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PyEGADS is a Python wrapper for EGADS, which is a cryptographically strong pseudo-random number generator and entropy daemon. PyEGADS is cross platform.

PyEGADS is a Python extension developed with SWIG toolkit and Python programming language. PyEGADS provides cryptographically strong pseudo-random numbers and strings, and raw entropy suitable for seeding OpenSSL and similar libraries (a good OpenSSL wrapper for Python is M2Crypto).

License & Copyright

Copyright 2004 Open Source Applications Foundation. All rights reserved. Author: Heikki Toivonen.

GPL. Other licenses available per usual OSAF policy.


The API documentation is generated with Epydoc and is available online. See the README.txt for installation and other instructions.

Look for samples/tests in the tests directory.

Getting it

You can get PyEGADS via anonymous CVS:

  • Set your CVSROOT environment variable to: :pserver:anonymous@cvs.osafoundation.org:/usr/local/cvsrep
  • cvs login (the password is "anonymous")
  • cvs checkout osaf/chandler/pyegads


Please send bug reports directly to the author.

Known bugs (help wanted):

  • Stability problems on Linux
    • Just running test.py will crash.
  • Debug version crashes on Windows (release or debug EGADS)
  • EGADS is a resource hog, at least on Windows. The process hogging 160 MB RAM (in 1 GB system) is not uncommon, and when you call a function to get entropy the CPU jumps to near 100% for the duration of the call, which can take several seconds for something as little as 32 bits.
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