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OSAF Endorsement Policy

DRAFT of a standard approach to responding to requests for endorsement, partnership, support of other open source projects

Reason OSAF should have a standard approach to requests for support

  • We have already received several requests from open source projects to provide resources or lend support through an endorsement of their project.
  • We are trying to be one-pointedly focused on bringing Chandler to market and put at risk the timely completion of our goals if we divert scarce resources to other projects.
    • Since there are MANY open source projects, we don't have the resources to do the due diligence to even see if the requesting project has compatible and complimentary goals and philosophy.
    • Even if the requesting project were complimentary to OSAF we need to be careful not to divert our focus from attaining our goal of delivering Chandler.
  • OSAF should also be sensitive to 'brand dilution' and outside association of the OSAF name, especially before we have established the brand ourselves

Initial policy on OSAF endorsements

NOTE: this is just DRAFT language and has NOT been properly considered, vetted, or approved
  • It is OSAF's policy NOT to officially endorse other open source projects.
  • There are some open source projects that OSAF will support by contributing code, engineering resources, etc. because the Chandler development relies upon the project. Examples are Python, WxWidgets, Lucene. Having Chandler/OSAF listed by the open source project as someone that is using the specific technology is OK. This is not the same as an official endorsement or partnership between OSAF and the other open source project.
  • There are associations that seek to promote open source as an alternative to proprietary software. Although OSAF certainly endorses the general sentiment it is not appropriate for OSAF to officially be listed as a supporter of any particular group.


  • If there is a compelling reason that OSAF should establish an official relationship with another open source project it will be considered by the executive committee on a case-by-case basis.

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