OSAF People

OSAF's development teams are organized around Chandler Desktop and Chandler Server. Product Planning and Design, Quality Assurance, Build and Release and Operations support both. To learn more about our organizational structure, visit the Teams Wiki

John Anderson | Developer, Desktop, Notes

Grant Baillie | Developer, Desktop, Notes

Philippe Bossut | Manager, Desktop, Notes

Adam Christian | Tester, Quality Assurance, Notes

Matthew Eernisse | Developer, Server, Notes

Reid Ellis | Developer, Desktop, Notes

Jeffrey Harris | Developer, Desktop, Notes

Aparna Kadakia | Manager, Quality Assurance, Notes

Mitch Kapor | Chair, Operations, Notes

Brian Kirsch | Developer, Desktop, Notes

Randy Letness | Developer, Server, Notes

Ted Leung | Manager, Server, Notes

Sheila Mooney | Manager, Product, Planning and Design, Notes

Brian Moseley | Developer, Server, Notes

Katie Capps Parlante | VP Engineering, Notes

Jared Rhine | Manager, Chandler Hub Sharing Service, Notes

Mikeal Rogers | Tester, Quality Assurance, Notes

Bobby Rullo | Developer, Server, Notes

Morgen Sagen | Developer, Desktop, Notes

Bryan Stearns | Developer, Desktop, Notes

Dan Steinicke | Tester, Quality Assurance. Notes

Mike Taylor | Build, Build and Release

Heikki Toivonen | Manager, Build and Release, Notes

Travis Vachon | Developer, Server, Notes

Andi Vajda | Developer, Desktop

Mimi Yin | UI Designer, Product, Planning and Design, Notes

OSAF Board of Directors

Mitchell Kapor - Founder and Chair OSAF, founder Lotus Development Corp., co-founder Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Mitchell Baker - President of Mozilla Foundation

John Lilly - Board Member, COO of Mozilla Foundation

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