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This area is for listing all possible email features related to security. OSAF will eventually prioritize this list to determine which features will go in which releases.

Note that a lot of security issues -- SSL, Kerberos, APOP, etc -- are listed on the Possible Email Configuration Features page.

  • Public key infrastructure
  • Enable/disable specific HTML and email features based on security risk
  • Andy Hertzfeld's automatic secure email proposal, Brad Templeton's similar paper, Andy and Brad's consensus position
  • Secure connections (e.g. "no passwords in cleartext")

External Resources

Web resources:

  • Herbivore automatic secure email
  • KeyNote Trust Management System
  • CLIQUES secure group communication
  • Google's PKI page (Public Key Infrastructure)
  • "A Security Kernel Based on the Lambda Calculus" by Jonathan Rees

Mailing list messages:

  • Paul Snively suggests some alternative technologies
  • Simon asks for full PGP support
  • Tim Uckun asks for secure connections


  • ChaoLam - 10 Jan 2003
  • DuckySherwood - 23 Jan 2003
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