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Chandler Logo Semifinals

Here is the next installment of logo work the Logo Group would like to collect feedback on. We took the 6 concepts we introduced on the list: Pinwheel, Orange, Starfish, Dolphin, Petroglyph and Abstraction and continued to develop four of them: Pinwheel, Starfish, Petroglyph and Abstraction. (Abstraction was reincarnated as Grass.) In a nutshell, our criteria were:

1. Do we feel this concept strongly communicates our Brand message? (e.g. Orange didn't scream Pro-social, Adaptable, etc... We felt it was too commonplace an object to effectively communicate our highly 'conceptual' brand message.)

2. Do we feel this concept can uniquely represent Chandler? (e.g. Dolphin as a mascot was simply too ubiquitous. People were more likely to associate Marine Mammal Center, than a PIM.)

By contrast, we felt the remaining 4: Pinwheel, Starfish, Petroglyph and Abstraction could be developed into 'iconic' representations of Chandler's brand, precisely because they were neither hum-drum nor international symbolic superstars. They all fell in the sweet spot where we felt we could weave a story or mythology around them that would be unique to the Chandler brand.

For more background on how we went about doing this, please see: LogoQuarterfinals

To see the work we've been doing to push forward the four concepts listed above, please see: RefiningQuarterFinalLogos

Survey Questions to Visual Treatments of the the Starfish, Grass (formerly known as Abstraction) and Pinwheel concepts.

Which brand concepts apply to each of these three visual treatments? Do you think the visual treatment changes how you feel about the concepts?

  • Pro-social / Close collaboration
  • Adaptable
  • Productive
  • Empowered / Confident
  • Organized/Better Decisions

  • Seeing the forest for the trees
  • Flexible and rich information management

  • Innovation / Excellence

Which of the following words would you use to describe each visual treatment?

  • Happy
  • Friendly
  • Warm
  • Fun
  • Powerful
  • Substantial
  • Flexible
  • Pretty
  • Beautiful
  • Sexy
  • Other: Add your own

If you were trying to describe the logo to someone on the phone: How would you describe it? "See that xxx on your desktop? Click on that."

Rough Sketch of logos as desktop icons in the Mac OS X Dock: These icons clearly need A LOT more work. Let me repeat, A LOT more work. This is just a quick sketch to give you an approximate sense of how they will fare on the desktop.

-- MimiYin - 12 Mar 2007

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