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Chandler End User Documentation

Chandler is intended to be an open source personal information manager for email, calendars, contacts, tasks, and general information management, as well as a platform for developing information management applications. It is currently under development and will run on Windows, Mac, and Linux-based PC's. For additional user-oriented information, see what's compelling about Chandler.

Please note that essentially all pieces of Chandler are undergoing massive development. The design and implementation of all parcels is likely to change significantly, and many more parcels and features will appear before the 1.0 release. You learn more about our plans in our ProductRoadmapNov2004.

Getting and Running Chandler

To get the latest Chandler release, go to the downloads page and follow the directions for the end-user distribution. Instructions for running Chandler are included on the download page.

Chandler Parameters

The following command-line parameters are currently available:

Short Long Env.Var Description
-p --parcelPath PARCELPATH Parcel search path
-P --profileDir PROFILEDIR location of the Chandler Repository
-W --webserver CHANDLERWEBSERVER Activate the built-in webserver
-l --locale Set the default locale
-S --encrypt Request prompt for password for repository encryption
-L --logging CHANDLERLOGCONFIG The logging config file
--prof save profiling data
-t --testScripts run all test scripts
-f --scriptFile script file to execute after startup
--catsProfile file for hotshot profile of script execution
--catsPerfLog file to output a performance number
-e --stderr Echo error output to log file
-c --create CREATE Force creation of a new repository
--askCreate Offer to create a new repository
-d --ramdb Create a repository in memory only
-r --restore Repository backup to restore from before repository open
-R --recover Open repository with recovery
-w --wing
-k --komodo
-u --refresh-ui Refresh the UI from the repository during startup
-C --createData csv file with items definition to load after startup
-v --verbose Verbosity option (currently just for run_tests.py)
-q --quiet Quiet option (currently just for run_tests.py)
-V --verify-assignments Verify attribute assignments against schema
-a --app-parcel Parcel that defines the core application

About Chandler

To learn more about how to use Chandler, see the Chandler Guided Tour (.pdf format).

If something goes wrong

Since many of the features in 0.5 are still experimental, many of the problems you encounter when running 0.5 are expected. If you are having a problem which you believe is worth filing a bug on, for example you can't launch Chandler or if you generate data and it is immediately corrupted or lost, first check out the 0.5 known bugs page. If it is not listed there, and it is not obviously in our bug database, please file a bug.

If it looks like a user interface or implementation design issue, please mention it on one of the mailing lists.

-- DuckySherwood - 15 Apr 2003

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