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Chandler: Working Groups and Active Projects

These are active projects sorted by Working Group. In the table below, the initials of the leader of the group are in parentheses after the name of the group (and link to the leader's home page).

Design and PM (SM) Application (PB) Platform (KCP)
Release/Build? (HT) QA (AK) Community (TL)

You might not see what you're looking for on this page. We use this page only as a jumping-off point for developers already familiar with OSAF's work, so we try to keep it pretty up-to-date and clean.

  • Non-Chandler projects include Cosmo.

  • Staff members can devote portion of their time to Self Assigned Projects that are not necessarily part of any of these (though still relevant to OSAF)

If you still don't see what you're looking for, it may be an inactive project. Try wiki search!

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