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Detail View Project


  • BryanStearns
  • DonnDenman (on leave)

Specs and Docs

Task List for Release 0.6

Task Owner SWAG Status Milestone
High priority
Medium priority
Low priority

Planning for 0.6

Overall detail view priorities for 0.6 (swags in italics; some done work isn't checked in yet):

  • Attribute editor rework
    • rework AE sample-text mechanism in progress
      • must be dynamic: Mimi wants kind-specific sample text
    • consider presentationStyle when picking editor done
    • modify AEs to support "permanent" controls (like checkboxes and popups) in progress
    • create basic choice AE (for reminder, recurrence) in progress
    • create checkbox AE (for all-day) small
    • create email-list AE (for email "to", collection "sharees") large
    • create account choice AE (for email "from") small
    • consistent tab behavior (Bug:2514) medium
    • consistent cut/paste/copy/select-all support small
    • consistent Unicode string handling (Bug:2524) small
    • live validation mechanism (support proper Send enabling) medium
  • Clean up the DV look (specifically: consistent margins, alignment, fonts)
    • redo margins to make them consistent (Bug:1925) small
    • per-platform font specs ? waiting on Bug:2414 outcome
    • font-driven AE sizing (might be necessary for tight look) big
    • larger font for title AE; make edit-in-place (Bug:2343) done
    • make location edit-in-place done
    • make AEs share label widths (so they'll all use the width of the widest one); make the markup bar participate in labeling alignment small
    • remove the border from around the entire detail view done, I think: need to test on all platforms
    • no border around the markup bar; remove its background color done
    • when no item is selected, DV should be white with a chrome border (Bug:2688) small
  • Clean up notifications (Bug:2782) huge
    • use attribute-editor-specific notifications
    • rationalize item selection messaging within the DV blocks
  • Fix other bugs:
    • Bug:2241 Input fields do not accept pressing "Del" while editing items medium
    • Bug:2262 Distinguish between editable and non-editable fields assigned to pbossut for clarification
    • Bug:2380 typo in the 'starts' time field resets the time to 12:00 AM (medium, or tiny if we do separate date/time fields (which is big))
    • Bug:2465 Chandler loses focus of the item selected when error alert pops up ? chrome
    • Bug:2507 Unstamping a mail message reverts the title to 'Untitled' (maybe prevent unstamping rx'd email?) small
    • Bug:2583 The to field of a new message automatically reformats to include the name small
    • Bug:2605 inline edit of date in summary window wipes the entire entry; need to fix that AE big
    • Bug:2674 Reminders dialog should never scroll horizontally small
    • Bug:2675 Accepting a share should take you to the detail view of the collection small
    • Bug:2742 DV duration resets itself to blank upon edit mac wx bug; may be fixed by 2.5.5
    • Bug:2814 Title truncates when you stamp a mail message to a task small

Not sure whether these will be requirements for 0.6:

  • Add support for recurring calendar events big
    • new calevent start+end fields instead of start+duration
    • Need more-precise UI spec - text on ZeroPointSixCalendar isn't clear ("Basic recurrence: Requires a standard combo box pulldown widget. Daily, Weekly, Monthly on this day, Monthly on this date, Yearly on this day, Yearly on this date with the ability to specify the number of days, weeks, months, years.")
  • Add timezone UI to events
    • change time entry? (Bug:2087) small; might be bigger if we don't do separate date/time fields
    • Add AE for specifying the event timezone need spec from Mimi for UI; there are 487 timezones, so a popup won't work
  • Add DV support for triage
    • Create a new color-code popup AE?
  • Sharing changes in item-collection DV - unknown: need specific requirements
    • Separate sharee lists (per ACL)
    • Support for removing sharees? UI?
    • add created-by/last-mod-by static fields?

Eventually, we might also do:

  • a table editor, for to and sharee status lists
  • auto-extending editors (eg, so that "to" lists can be multiline) - needed if printing the DV becomes a req't
  • additional attribute editors: photo, (anything for zaobao?)

Questions & Issues:

  • handling of per-item-in-list info?
  • Event invitation workflow changes?
  • Sharing invitation workflow changes?
  • Evolve attachment handling?
  • Emailing of stamped items?
  • Contact vs emailaddress?

Here's a recent image from Mimi:

  • ZeroPointSixDetailView?_cust.png:

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