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Capturing Cosmo Dogfood Feedback in Bugzilla

We'll be defining the priorities based on the following definitions:

  • P1 : Bugs/enhancements that prevent a user from experimenting with the Chandler Hub
  • P2 : Bugs/enhancements that prevent some users from dogfooding Chandler Hub
  • P3 : Nice to haves for a usable calendar
  • P4 : Really nice to have for a super-usable calendar

Bugs currently targeted for 0.7 with keyword 'dogfood' in them:

Bugs targeted to future with keyword 'dogfood' in them:

5124 P2 NEW Dogfood Setting your working hours in preferences. mde@osafoundation.org
6188 P2 NEW Dogfood, starterproject Month view travis@osafoundation.org

8287 P3 NEW Dogfood Superbug for dogfood feedback from bcm twl@osafoundation.org
8308 P3 NEW Dogfood subscribing to an already-subscribed-and-renamed collection resets the subscription name travis@osafoundation.org
8324 P3 NEW Dogfood, task Support custom recurrence, ie. M, W, F but not T Th. mimi@osafoundation.org
8333 P3 NEW Dogfood lozenge headers and rounded corner lozenges mimi@osafoundation.org
8341 P3 NEW Dogfood Reorganization and layout of information hierarchy of the Account Browser. mimi@osafoundation.org
8390 P3 NEW Dogfood, task Better messaging to inform the user about double clicking on the calendar canvas to create an event mde@osafoundation.org
8391 P3 NEW Dogfood, task Superbug for dogfood feedback from sean mimi@osafoundation.org
8393 P3 NEW Dogfood contextual quick item entry mde@osafoundation.org
8394 P3 NEW Dogfood, task Better visual cue to resize lozenge mimi@osafoundation.org
8395 P3 NEW Dogfood Auto complete in the form elements in event details area mimi@osafoundation.org
8398 P3 NEW Dogfood, task time zone drop down list on event details is confusing travis@osafoundation.org
8399 P3 NEW Dogfood, task Allowing the user to select default 'status' mimi@osafoundation.org
8400 P3 NEW Dogfood, task 'email this event' as a pop up after saving the event mimi@osafoundation.org
8402 P3 NEW Dogfood visual tweaks: creating 'today' more apparent visually mimi@osafoundation.org
8403 P3 NEW Dogfood Mini cal: busy bars/visual cues for days w/ appointments mimi@osafoundation.org
8906 P3 NEW Dogfood Onbeforeunload. When user selects the 'backspace/delete' keyboard button and the back button on the browser. travis@osafoundation.org

8284 P4 NEW Dogfood Cosmo welcome page doesn't load on mobile browsers twl@osafoundation.org
8298 P4 NEW Dogfood refreshing always goes to the first collection travis@osafoundation.org
8340 P4 ASSIGNED Dogfood Blank page when Admin UI is first logged in. travis@osafoundation.org
8522 P4 NEW Dogfood Error when creating an event if network disconnected travis@osafoundation.org

-- PriscillaChung - 30 Mar 2007

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