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Community Group Goals for 0.4

High-level tasks

The Community Group has three high level tasks for the 0.4 release:

  1. Identify and implement goals for the Community Working Group itself
  2. Assist other working groups in developing and implementing community goals for the 0.4 cycle
  3. Drive development of deeper understanding of the open source aspects of Chandler development and progress on a Community Plan through the 1.0 release.

For the last goal, possibilities include:

  • more discussions at the All Hands meeting along the lines of that which Ted led
  • discussion of what "success" means
  • discussion of what is helpful in Chandler development
  • mechanisms for determining if documentation which seems adequate to full time contributors is understandable by those trying to get involved
  • giving OSAF folks exposure to other open source communities and events, such as sending people to PyCon, OSCON and other events, even if they are not giving a talk. So some folks could go to attend the other talks, get a feel for the open source communities in action, and join the general give and take.

Community Group process goals

Goal Related information Owner Next Actions Effort Priority Date Milestone
Get community docs in better shape and thoroughly discussed by OSAF staff.   Ducky, Mitchell   Medium Done 2004/03/10  
Get OSCON presentation organized OSCON prep plan Pieter make preso changes & 2nd rehearsal Medium Soon 2004/07/06  
Document legal process for contributing code.   Mitchell          
Document technical process for committing code. HackingChandler Ducky, Heikki?   Medium Later    
Policy for granting CVS write access   Mitchell          
Get the Chandler wiki (and website?) licensed under a Creative Commons license (or decide why not, if some unforseen problem develops)   Pieter, Mitchell, ducky 1) policy rationnale to Mitch 2) email to wiki contributors 3) add license to website and wiki Medium Soon    
Add QA to Office Hours rotation ChatSchedule Ducky   Low Done 2004/04/14  
Review the 0.4 plans for each working group; assist in integrating community development with these plans ZeroPointFourPlanning Team   Medium Done 2004/04/14  
Develop a plan for improving general understanding of community aspects of Chandler development.   Team          
Host one SF area Chandler developers event -- e.g. Sprint, developer day, etc.   Pieter          
Outreach to the Seattle area Python Users Group   Ted          
One person from OSAF to each of the Bay Area UGs at least once and evaluate them BayAreaOpenSourceGroups Ducky   Medium Ongoing 2004/03/04  
One person from OSAF attending Baypiggies regularly   Ducky   Low Ongoing 2004/03/04 0.4A
Develop an intergroup combined status page CurrentCombinedStatus Ducky, Pieter   Medium Soon 2004/07/30  

Note: once we have a process for granting CVS write access. the implementation will need to be done by Markie).

Other groups' community-related goals

Apps Group:

The platform team and the application team now meet as one desktop team. This page mainly contains links to information of historical interest (meeting notes, etc.)

Application Team

The Application Team is focused on building Chandler's Desktop Application User Interface. This includes WxWidgets, WxPython, Application Chrome (Toolbars, Sidebar, Menus, Keyboard Controls, etc.), Calendar Views, Dashboard View and Detail View.

Out of Date Project Pages

Project History

  • 2004 Meeting Notes: 01/06/04, 01/13/04, 01/20/04, 01/27/04, 03/02/04, 03/04/04, 03/11/04, 03/18/04, 04/08/04, 04/09/04, 04/12/04, 04/15/04, 04/22/04, 05/05/04, 05/13/04, 05/20/04, 05/25/04, 06/01/04, 06/08/04, 06/15/04, 06/29/04, 07/06/04, 07/13/04, 07/20/04, 07/27/04, 08/03/04, 08/10/04, 08/24/04, 08/26/04, 09/07/04, 09/14/04, 09/21/04, 09/22/04, 09/28/04, 10/05/04, 10/12/04, 10/19/04, 10/26/04, 11/02/04, 11/09/04, 11/16/04, 11/23/04, 11/29/04, 12/07/04, 12/14/04, 12/21/04

Design Group: See table in DesignToDoList? (two goals)

Release and QA (from BuildProject?):

(Note: you can only do one STARTINCLUDE and STOPINCLUDE per file, so we couldn't get a list of ONLY the community projects in the following list.)

Warning: Can't find topic Projects.BuildProject

    • One or two people helping with QA -- confirming bugs, reducing test cases, etc. This may overlap with the repository group goal for repository QA.

Repository Group (based only on discussions with Ted so far)

    • One or two people helping with QA for the repository -- confirming bugs, reducing test cases, etc.
    • One or two people working on the repository.

Services Group

Katie suggests
  1. QA of the emerging user interface (later in the release cycle)
  2. feedback about CPIA and other frameworks, similar to the feedback the repository is getting at PyCon

Heikki suggests

  • one or two more ports
  • volunteers setting up more tinderboxes running on their machines that would report to our tinderbox which would display the results along with our tinderboxes

BrianDouglasSkinner suggests

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