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Chandler Licensing Plan

This document is duplicated on the website at http://www.osafoundation.org/Chandler_licensing_plan_4-2003.htm. See ThirdPartyLicensesInChandler for information on the licenses for components that Chandler uses.

OSAF's mission is to create and gain wide adoption for software applications of uncompromising quality using open-source methods. This implies that first and foremost we will make our software available free-of-charge under free / open source licenses for those operating exclusively in those worlds.

We also believe that our software may be of interest to commercial entities that will want to combine Chandler code with other software, which may be either open source or proprietary software. We want to encourage commercial use and distribution of Chandler since these activities may provide a wider market, additional functionality, more choices, and broader benefit for end users. In order to accomplish these goals we are making Chandler, Cosmo, and Scooby, available under the Apache 2.0 License, which has been used in many open-source and hybrid commercial/open source projects.

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