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This initiative is focussed on the creation of a central Chandler 0.6 Home Page, a launch page to which we will guide the user for further information regarding the 0.6 release and general Chandler documentation.
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In past releases, non-code release information has been scattered using various wiki links (readme, what's new, known bugs, dev documentation etc) from a Chandler welcome note and the About Chandler page when the user downloads the latest build. Once you navigate to any of these, it's very easy for the user to get lost. There is also a set of non-release specific information (what the product is, build and platform info, where to download the app etc) that should be current and visible to anyone who is interested in downloading the current version or potentially wants to get involved with the project.

The 0.6 release is both a significant milestone for us and an opportunity to think a bit more about how we convey this information to the user. As part of our 0.6 "pride of product" initiative, we felt that a better organized central page, that we can point to from the 0.6 release, would be a good place to start.

We realize there is a much larger long-term branding effort ongoing so this effort is primarily focussed on short-term goals only. It is highly likely the page structure will evolve and even change considerably in the future. We are also not embarking on an effort to re-organize the website as a whole.


  • To come up with a single page we can navigate users to.
  • Initial implementation and layout should articulate both the 0.6 goals and general Chandler information as well.
  • Something we can use going forward for 0.7 as we progress with longer term branding and strategy discussions.
  • Some layout, css implementation that looks good and we can also use for other projects (ie: Cosmo, Scooby) (we will not focus on writing a detailed style spec since we anticipate this changing with longer term branding activities)
  • Making some fundamental decisions about technology, url etc.

Process and Action Items

Our process for the development of this page will be iterative. We have identified the follow 2 next steps.

  • Page content brainstorm
    • Owner = Sheila
    • Meeting scheduled for Monday Oct 3rd at 3:30pm.
    • Brainstorm of all content ideas that we think should be accessible from this page.
    • Come with a flat list - not thinking about whether or not some are sublinks/pages.

  • Technology discussion
    • Owner = Pieter
    • Pieter will drive a discussion with Jared and Matt and?? to talk about what technologies we will be using to support this.

Meeting Notes

Sheila will start adding these in next week...

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