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FAQ"> Chandler Development FAQ

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Q: Are you still using ZODB?

A: No.

Q: Why aren't you still using ZODB?

A: See WhyNotZodb for a detailed explanation.

Q: What modifications did you make to Python?

A: Two categories of modifications:

  • Modifications that affect how it builds:
    • For OS X we modified "configure" to specify our local python framework within the generated Makefile (via "-framework").
    • When building the berkeley db extension we have changed the way setup.py looks for the libraries (it only looks in our local directories).
  • Modifications that affect how it runs:
    • On Windows I commented out the code that searches the registry for installed extensions (so only our extensions would be loaded by our python)

Q: Where can I find documentation for the API?

A: Chandler Documentation

Q: Will Chandler run on my platform?

A: See Developers.ChandlerDesktopSource.

-- MikeT - 26 Feb 2004 I linked to Andi's explanation in the Jungle but maybe the text should be pulled out and placed here?

-- DuckySherwood - 25 Feb 2004 Nah, I think it's good to keep this page short, with the answers elsewhere. That makes it easier to breeze through this page to find your own question.

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