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Bugzilla components proposal

This table is a proposed list of changes to Chandler's bugzilla components, as of the 0.7 timeframe. We hope this list doesn't change radically from release to release, but changes will happen as we continue to get the design and the architecture in place.

  • Full list of current bugzilla components with descriptions.

I'm assuming these goals for bugzilla components:

  • bugzilla components should be long-lived (not release or tenet specific)
  • bugzilla components should be consistent with the architecture document, using the same terminology
  • we do not need to maintain a 1:1 mapping to python modules, packages or eggs
  • large buckets are good (easier to categorize)
  • limiting the # of buckets is good (again, easier to categorize)
  • pieces of ui that users can identify should be represented here (end users will pick these when logging bugs, if they make any attempt to classify the bug)
  • not all bugzilla components need to map to ui, as these components serve multiple needs
  • bugzilla components should be consistent with current owners/drivers (as per governance model)

Component owner Proposed name Proposed owner notes
Accounts morgen@osafoundation.org      
Agent Framework lisa@osafoundation.org     no longer active: no open bugs
Calendar alecf@osafoundation.org Calendar UI jeffrey@osafoundation.org analogous to Mail UI
Calendar: Minicalendar jed@osafoundation.org     includes preview area
Calendar: Recurrence jeffrey@osafoundation.org Calendar Service grant@osafoundation.org recurrence, timezones, other domain model support
Chrome jed@osafoundation.org Styles and Appearance   all things related to layout, positioning, color, ... that will be handled by Styles
Contacts jed@osafoundation.org     not active: no open bugs
Content Model lisa@osafoundation.org Domain Model twl@osafoundation.org  
CPIA john@osafoundation.org     catchall for presentation layer framework
CPIA Script aparna@osafoundation.org Scripting    
Detail View stearns@osafoundation.org      
DistUtils bear@code-bear.com      
Documentation hartsook@osafoundation.org   sheila@osafoundation.org  
Documentation: CSG lisa@osafoundation.org Documentation: Web??? sheila@osafoundation.org use to track landing site, etc.
Documentation: Dev sheila@osafoundation.org   capps@osafoundation.org  
Documentation: User sheila@osafoundation.org      
Drag and Drop donn@osafoundation.org   davids@osafoundation.org  
Examples capps@osafoundation.org     could be 'samples' or 'sample parcels'
Framework capps@osafoundation.org Application pbossut@osafoundation.org catchall for 'application' layer: dialogs, Chandler.py, main Application class, etc.
HardHat/Build System bear@code-bear.com Build System    
I18N/L10N bkirsch@osafoundation.org     use Internationalization? (easier to understand for external bug loggers)
Install/update bear@code-bear.com      
Instant Messaging john@osafoundation.org     not active: no open bugs
Mail Blocks donn@osafoundation.org Mail UI stearns@osafoundation.org mostly detail view work
Mail Service bkirsch@osafoundation.org   grant@osafoundation.org  
Notification Framework lisa@osafoundation.org     remove this component
Parcel Framework morgen@osafoundation.org   pje@telecommunity.com includes schema api, eggs, startup api, twistedtask, etc.
PKI heikki@osafoundation.org Security Service    
Repository vajda@osafoundation.org      
Repository Viewer jed@osafoundation.org Examples morgen@osafoundation.org  
Repository: Query twl@osafoundation.org     remove this category, move bugs to "Collections" or "Repository"
Sharing/Discovery morgen@osafoundation.org Sharing    
Sidebar john@osafoundation.org      
Summary Table View john@osafoundation.org      
To be assigned aparna@osafoundation.org      
Toolbar pbossut@osafoundation.org   rae@osafoundation.org  
Tools bear@code-bear.com      
Trash and Deletion alecf@osafoundation.org      
UI Design mimi@osafoundation.org      
wxPython davids@osafoundation.org      
wxSimpleCanvas john@osafoundation.org     remove this from build
ZaoBao alecf@osafoundation.org Examples morgen@osafoundation.org  
    Printing rae@osafoundation.org  
    Import/Export jeffrey@osafoundation.org  
    Invitations stearns@osafoundation.org  
    Search john@osafoundation.org  
    Dashboard alecf@osafoundation.org  
    Collections alecf@osafoundation.org user level collections
    Zanshin grant@osafoundation.org separate bugzilla product
    Servlets morgen@osafoundation.org  
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