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Branding process planning

An outline of the Branding process with milestone deliverables that coordinate with the release milestones of the various projects. work-in-progress, format copied from 0.7 planning page

Branding Milestones

This is the list of milestones for the branding process.
(see explanations of each of the milestones at the bottom of the page)

Branding Process Gantt Chart:
Derived from the whiteboard milestone plan in Pieter's office.

Milestone Owner Participants Status level of effort deliverable date sync with projects? dependencies blocks
Organization/product self-assessment Pieter Branding committee circulated questionnaire, waiting for responses          
Project: Brand Mission Statement , create and get consensus Pieter Branding committee, Ops           blocks or informs most other projects except perhaps the competitive analysis, and founder brand analysis
Brand associations Pieter Dog fooders, design list participants, PPD, ??? 1:1 interviews          
Position statement (curent and desired) see Eric Sink article PPD Branding committee            
launch brand PPD PPD + Pieter     Chandler beta?      

Self Assessment

Brand Mission Statement

  • Organization goals and objectives for the brand(s)
  • Inherited founder brand associations
"All successful brand-building efforts begin with a clear statement of the mission or vision. Unless people inside an organization have an understanding of -and passionate belief in - the overall aim and purpose of the company, it's difficult to put together a coherent brand strategy or make effective tactical decisions along the way." -- ProwerBranding, Brandt & Johnson, p. 38

One of the most important steps we have to take is to agree upon the "architecture" of the brand, are we creating a brand for a "solution" comprised of several components, each of which can be named, or for example are we trying to create a master brand for the solution/ecosystem and separate (sub)-brands for each component? We really need to make that decision, before we can proceed very far in defining our brand associations, positioning, creatives (name, logo, look-and-feel, etc.)

Positioning Statement

(see: PrototypePositioningStatements )
    • Market segments
    • customer profiles
    • Competition

External perceptions and beliefs

competitive analysis

branding milestone definitions:

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