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Basic Chandler Acceptance Tests

Information on QA hardware and test accounts(IMAP,POP,WebDAV) can be found on the internal wiki page here.

  1. Test Dashboard
    • Launch Chandler
    • Select a sample event in the Dashboard and change the triage status of one of the NOW items to DONE. Hit the Triage button on the toolbar to sort the items into right sections.
    • Click on column headers and check sorting.
    • Check that regardless of sort changing triage column does not cause event to sort until 'triage' button is pressed
    • Check collapsed sections retain open/ closed status after sort (triage sort only)
  2. Test Quick Item Entry
    • /Note : Creates a note
    • /Msg or /Message : Creates an email message
    • /Star or /S: Creates a starred item (formerly known as task)
    • /Event : Creates a Calendar event
    • /Invite : Creates an item which is stamped as a message and an event
    • /Request : Created an item which is stamped as a message and a task
    • /Search : Searches for the text following the command
    • /(Invalid cmd) : "/(Invalid cmd) ? " appears in the text widget
    • (Some text) : The default item of the current view is created and added to the currently selected user Collection.
    • Multiple commands also can be entered. For eg: "/Msg /Task foo" will create an item which is stamped as both message and task.
    • Check you can enter slashes in title text, e.g. "/Msg /Event Let's do something interesting on 4/30"
    • Check a couple of quick entry commands in Calendar view.
  3. Test Calendar - Calendar View
    • Switch to the Calendar view using the calendar app button in the toolbar
    • Double click in place to create a new event in day/week views. Update the title and verify it updates it in the detail view upon Enter or Tab.
    • Check that changing event status changes events display, and that only 'confirmed' event show in the preview, and that only collections that are 'in' the dashboard display in the preview.
    • Drag the event into other collections and check that swatches are added to the lozenges and 'appears in' is updated in the DV.
    • Move an event by dragging it around. Verify it updates the start time and start date.
    • Extend an event by dragging the end time. Verify it updates the time.
    • Switch between day, week, and month views and verify they show the events correctly.
    • Overlap a number of events and check that they position themselves so that the overlapped events are still visible
    • Check that selecting an overlapped events brings it to the top of the 'pile'
    • Check that after selecting an overlapped event from lower in the pile that the overlapped events retain their display order after clicking away from the event
    • Create an all-day event by checking the all-day checkbox and verify it shows up in the all-day area in the week/day views.
    • Create an any time event by only specifying the date portion of the starts field. Verify it shows up in the all-day/anytime area of the calendar week/day views.
    • Create another collection in the sidebar and add events to it. Overlay one calendar on top of the other and verify the events from both the calendars show up correctly overlayed in the week/day views.
    • Test the events show up correctly in the month view. Click on the events in the month view and verify the details show up correctly in the DV for each selected event.
  4. Test Preview Pane
    • Select any collection in the sidebar, select a non-calendar view, now select different days in the mini calendar. Assuming you have events in the other days, the preview pane should display the events for that day.
    • Now switch to the calendar view, and select different dates in the mini calendar. The preview pane continues to display only Today's events. Switch to a different view and the preview pane will display the events for the day selected in the mini calendar.
    • Click on events in the preview pane and ensure that they get highlighted in the calendar and get displayed in the detail view.
    • Add more events to today until the preview pane shows a '+ X more' link at the bottom, verify clicking the link causes preview pane to expand/ contract and verify the number X = number of additional events.
    • Verify that preview pane is titled 'Todays events' and shows all events for today when in calendar view
    • Verify that preview pane is untitled and displays events for date selected in mini calendar when not in calendar view
  5. Test time zones
    • Test that checking/ unchecking timezones in the 'Choose timezone' dialog causes those timezones to appear in the drop down lists
  6. Test Calendar - Minicalendar
    • Double click on a date in the minicalendar while in the list view. Verify it opens the day in calendar view(week view by default unless day view was selected earlier).
    • Navigate to previous and future months in the minicalendar and verify the navigation doesn't affect the displayed date range in the calendar view.
  7. Test collections:
    • check double clicking in sidebar creates new collection
    • check collections can be renamed via menu collection > Rename or double clicking collection name
    • check menu Collection > Collection color changes
    • check function of menu Collection > ( add to dashboard/ keep out of dashboard)
    • check function of menu Collection > delete
    • check drag-and-drop to reorder collections in the Sidebar.
  8. Test Auto Triage
    • in dashboard view use quick entry to create an event in the future, check that it appears in the "Now" section with a status of later, and that clicking the triage button moves it to the correct section
    • in dashboard view use quick entry to create an event in the past, check that is appears in the "Now" section with a status of done, and that clicking the triage button moves it to the done section
    • in calendar view move a "Done" event from the past to the future and check that its triage status changes to "later", (unless you have explicitly set the triage status)
    • in dashboard select an event that was yesterday with TS of DONE. Adjust the start time to be five minutes ahead of the current time and give it daily recurrence. Check that the event now appears in all the 3 triage sections.
  9. Test Sending mail from Chandler
    • Go to Item menu on the toolbar and create a new message.
    • Verify that the new item gets created with the mail stamp in the detail view.
    • Add a valid email address in the to field and edit the subject and body of the mail.
    • Send the mail.
    • Verify that the email shows up in the Out collection with all the correct fields.
  10. Test Receiving mail in Chandler
    • To get mail from your IMAP account, click the 'Sync' button on the toolbar or go to File menu -> Sync -> Mail.
    • Verify that the who(to), about(subject) and date received columns are correctly set in the Dashboard.
    • Verify that the detail view shows correct values in the to, from, subject and body fields.
  11. Test Stamping
    • Select a collection in the sidebar.
    • Create a new note using th quick entry box and stamp it as an event. Verify it shows up in the Calendar app and event related fields show up in the detail view.
    • Stamp this as a mail item. Verify it shows up in the Mail app and Mail related fields show up in the detail view.
    • Stamp it as a task. Verify it shows up in the Task app.
  12. Test changing recurrence
    • Change the Welcome Note’s recurrence to Custom.... Verify that the dialog comes up, and that recurrence is unchanged when you cancel.
    • Change the Welcome Note's recurrence to Custom...., and pick once every week, click OK. Verify that the "occurs" dropdown now say "Weekly".
    • Change the "occurs" to custom, and pick every 2 weeks, on a day (or days) that don't match the event’s start day. Click "OK", and verify that you get a recurring event dialog, and that you are no longer left with a non-existent event in the detail view.
    • Try various monthly, yearly or daily possibilities in the custom recurrence dialog.
  13. Test Auto-URL feature (Bug#7612)
    • On Windows, URLs should be blue and underlined as in a browser. On Mac/Linux, a "hand cursor" should appear when you mouse over text that looks like a URL, and clicking should open the URL in your web browser.
    • Verify that the URLs in the Welcome Note are displayed correctly, and that clicking on them opens them correctly.
    • Check that the mailto: link in the Welcome Note works (opens a new email to chandler-users).
    • Scroll down in the Welcome Note, and make sure the URL tracking and clicking behaviour is correct.
    • Create a new note, and enter/paste in a URL that spans several lines (like this bugzilla query). Make sure the mouse tracks correctly over all the lines (and again, that clicking works).
  14. Switching localizations
    • Test that there is a full list of locales available in the "Switch localization..." dialog.
    • Test that Chandler behaves correctly if you switch (i.e. restarts, and comes up with new localization).
  15. Migration Testing
    • Test that migrating from an earlier version of Chandler works.
  16. Test dump/ reload aka Export/Import collections and settings
    • Check that reloading a dump file works
    • Check that exporting a dump file works

Extended Acceptance tests (including scenarios from the the demo script)


  1. Test Calendar - Importing a calendar
    • Import a sample calendar file into Chandler and navigate in the calendar view: WorkCalendar.ics
  2. Test Calendar - Exporting a calendar
    • Export a calendar from Chandler in the ics format

Sharing tests

  1. Test Sharing calendars between 2 chandlers
    • Select a calendar in the sidebar and publish the calendar on a webDAV server. Verify it publishes with no errors. The sidebar should also display a shared icon(outward arrow) next to the calendar.
    • Copy the url on a note.
    • From a second instance of chandler, subscribe to this collection by typing the url in the dialog.
    • The calendar should appear in the sidebar(with the downward arrow) of the sharee's chandler with all the items.
    • Update an item in the shared calendar and sync to the webDAV server.
    • Sync the calendar from the other chandler and the updates should be correctly reflected.

  1. iCal interop testing
    • publish a test calendar from Chandler
    • copy and paste the URL into your browser to view the calendar in Cosmo
    • in the upper right corner of Cosmo choose "subscibe with" "apple iCal 2x"
    • follow the directions given on that web page

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