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Wiki Content Issues

  • Pages about code/projects that are somewhat separate from core Chandler -- both stuff we imported from the outside world (e.g. wxWidgets) and stuff we are exporting to the outside world (e.g. Projects.PyLucene) -- are poorly organized and hard to find. (Examples: LiasionsToOtherProjects, Projects.PyLucene, PyLuceneGoals, PyEgads, M2Crypto, LicensingTopics, ContributedCode) Created ThirdPartyCode, which has links to info about third-party projects that we use; reworked so that there is only one master table of third-party code; added links to the home page.
  • The home page should be reworked to eliminate redundancy with the sidebar links; perhaps more "welcome, here's who we are, here's what this is" text. done
  • It would be nice to make PageListByPerson and PageListByPageType more automatically generated, perhaps with bilevel searches, using information from MaintainedBy. (Goal: remove the need for someone to add new people by hand.) Done. I spent a lot of time with formatted searches, trying to make bilevel search work -- and a simple single-level search sufficed.
  • We don't have an org chart up. Text version put up at WorkingGroups?.

-- DuckySherwood - 29 Jun 2004

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