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Testing embeded YouTube video (YouTube produces Flash files in just one resolution format from your videos)

Standard YouTube result: Too small and blurry too

Normal YouTube size and resolution

You can "zoom in" by increasing the image size, but the resolution remains the same: Good size but even more blurry

Double normal size (standard YouTube resolution)

LiveVideo feed

LiveVideo standard size and resolution - borderline - just about useful for a screencast

Chandlerâ„¢ Timezone Support

Scaled LiveVideo feed (image is 1.5X standard size) larger but too fuzzy

Chandlerâ„¢ Timezone Support

Flash file served by OSAF

Size and resolution of our own Flash screencasts are set by our production tools Same screencast served as Flash file by OSAF server

-- PieterHartsook - 12 Apr 2007

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