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Algorithm for Dashboard Queries (Server Side)

  • Now:
    • If something is not triaged and non-recurring and not an event
    • If something is not triaged and not in the past
    • Specifically triaged as Now
    • If it's occurring right Now
    • If it's recurring and there is an instance that is happening Now
  • Later
    • If specifically triaged as Later
    • If recurring event, next occurrence after right now
    • Future modification, return as later
  • Done
    • If you have explicitly triaged an item to Done
    • If not triaged and is in the past
    • No recurrence
    • Date range giving some # of recently became Done items

Algorithm for auto-triaging on event creation (client side)

  • Non events: Triage to "NOW"
  • Non-recurring Events:
    • In the past: Triage to "DONE"
    • Present or future: Triage to "NOW" * Recurring Events:
    • ???

Algorithm for triaging events obtained from the server (tickling)

  • Non events - do nothing.
  • Non-Recurring Events
    • If event is happening now, triage as NOW
    • If event has happened, triage as NOW
  • Recurring Events
    • ???

Questions (known unknowns)

  • Does the master event have a triage status?
  • Not sure when to set "explictly triage" flag or whatever it's called.
  • When the server expands the recurring event series and sends down 1 NOW and 1 LATER instant, does that turn those instances into modifications?

Unknown Unknowns

  • ???
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