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Resolving Time Zone in Ticket View

I don't think this will be in work slated for 0.6, mainly because there is work on the Chandler end as well. Though I wanted to sketch out the idea people were discussing on the list as I was writing out the time zone section in the 0.6 spec.

So here are the two possibilities:

  1. On the Chandler end, the user would allow time zone information to be shared. On the Cosmo end, an alert would display in the header to inform the user CC that the collection they are viewing has time zone support and it would be recommended to turn time zone support on. Turning on time zone support would display the drop down list of time zones on the calendar canvas, default to time zone of the Chandler user. Or would it default to floating time, which is when time zone support is not turned on?
  2. On the Chandler end, the user would allow time zone information to be shared. On the Cosmo end, the CC would view the collection based on the time zone of the Chandler user (the share-ER). this way they are both looking at the collection the way the share-ER is intended. This case would also satisfy the 'consultative user' of the Cosmo UI. ie. what they see in Chandler would be what they see in Cosmo UI, in ticket view.

The issue

Not Logged-into Cosmo - 'Ticket view'

The calendar canvas will be viewed in floating time zone (ie. if you have 2 events at 2:00pm PST and 2:00pm EST, they both show up at 2:00pm). Clicking on an individual event will display the time zone information it was created in the detail view (ie. PST, EST etc). An alert will prompt in the header to inform the CC user to turn time zone support on. Turning time zone support on will prompt the time zone drop down list and allow the user to change the time zone in the calendar canvas.

Part of the thinking behind the alert message opposed to a dialog prompt is because it has been addressed several times that there are users either who use time zones all the time and those users who do not. Instead of launching a dialog prompt every time a user clicks on a URL/ticket, an alert message located in the header is a more subtle solution. There were several time zone discussion on the list, here is the one which I was concerned about an alert box: http://lists.osafoundation.org/pipermail/design/2006-December/005818.html

-- PriscillaChung - 22 Dec 2006

Take Two

The first image gives an overview of the workflow. And then the next 6 images are close-up shots of each screen.

As per our discussion, our ideal is for the 'ticket view' to always inherit whatever the Shar-ER's calendar canvas timezone, (as a 1-time thing, the canvas timezone is not kept in sync between Shar-ER and CCs).

Once the CC subscribes, depending on whether they already have time zone support turned on or not, the CC will be prompted to turn on time zone support. They can either turn it on, or ignore the prompt.

-- MimiYin - 27 Dec 2006

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