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Refining Logo Semifinals

Previous work

Concept One

Concept Two

Concept Three

Not quite there

Notes: April 4, 2007

I tweaked the Starfish to make it look like it's standing up. A little more dynamic.

I also did a Starfish on a Globe (scroll to bottom of page), but the Starfish was so distorted that the shape itself was ugly. If someone else wants to give it a try, the file is in the WebDAV Filesharing: Starfish_globe.psd

Finally, I have also done 5 more passable iterations of the dog. None of them feel quite right to me.

I tried coming at it from both directions: Lab and C-dog. Make the Lab more dynamic. Make the C-dog more serious. I stayed with the flat plastic texture because it was easier to work with. We can retexturize after Mitch makes a call.

  • 2nd Left Column: Only subtly different from the original Lab. A little more lean. head is up. On a slanted platform.
  • 3rd Left Column: Feels like a guard dog: Big chest. Pointy ears. Aggressive stance.
  • 4th Left Column: Effete, an Aristocrat. I think it's the raised paw, but this one isn't so bad and the paw can be made better.

  • 2nd Right Column: Goat? Lamb? Not necessarily a dog.
  • 3rd Right Column: Wolf-like? Looks thrown too smile Whenever I tried leaping, running dogs, they seemed over-agressive. More appropriate for off-road skateboarding than small workgroup collaboration.

So, do we show 1 dog to Mitch, if so, which one? Or do we just show the whole lot, just to show him some range? If we show him the whole lot, we should probably unify the texture so it's all the same.

Drive-by Dog Interviews

I've been going around interview people over IM or IRC about the new batch of dogs. Try to get some gut reactions, what visual cues do people pick up wrt size of the dog, breed, ability, posture and emotional state. For those who were interviewed about the dogs on this page, I had them number the dogs 1-4 on the left and 5-7 on the right.


In reponse to: More Dogs

  • Identified lab-like dogs 1 and 2 as service or working dogs
  • 7 was just weird. A cat being thrown? Pouncing? A dingo?
  • When asked about guard dogs, Pieter identified 3 is straining at the leash
  • 5 has a short-stride and can be picked up to put in your lap
  • Others would be patted on the head, too big to put in your lap

Transcript below


In reponse to: More Dogs

  • 4 is intelligent (head pointed up)
  • 4,5,6 are able
  • 7 is sacked out and not able
  • 2,4 waiting for you at the front door to come home, 6 wants to play
  • Guard dog: 1,2,6
  • Working dog: 1,2,3,6
  • Lap dog: 5, others are normal sized
  • No one is scary or intimidating
  • Labs: 1,2
  • Doodle: 6
  • 3,4: Stocky terrier
  • 5: Otis
  • Caveat: 6 holds personal significance for Grant, so feedback on 6 is maybe not so reliable
  • Personal associations: When asked about why 5 was listed as able, but wasn't included in any of the working or guard dog categories, Grant replied that he didn't personally associate 'usefulness' with little dogs, more playfulness.

Transcript below

Jeffrey: Reply to the PR List

In response to: LogoSeminfinalsTwo

The first dog:

looks like a lab or a retriever
looks happy/alert (they're about the same in dogs)
the treatment is fairly simple, which makes me think clean and efficient

The second dog:

looks like a terrier
makes me think playful
the C under the dog looks a little like a spotlight to me, and/or the
dog is jumping through hoops

Both remind me of the icon for the Mac FTP client Fetch

Transcript below

Pieter's Interview Transcript

hamstar: pieter?
hartsook: yes
hamstar: can i harass you for 5 minutes for a dog gut check?
hartsook: yes
hamstar: http://wiki.osafoundation.org/Journal/RefiningProduct.LogoFinals#MoreDoges
hartsook: smile
hamstar: okay so let's number the dogs 1-4 on the left
hamstar: and 5-7 on the right
hartsook: can I get you on the phone/skype?
hamstar: can you tell me which ones might be seeing eye dog? or a hunting dog?
hamstar: sure
hamstar: well, i wanted a written record of the interview smile
hartsook: ok we'll do it by text
hamstar: it shouldn't be too complicated...
hartsook: 1-4 and 5-7 got it
hamstar: ok and seeing eye dogs? hunting dogs? any in the midst?
hamstar: man think rorschach
hamstar: gut response
hartsook: actually hunting dog would be in the classic point position with tail horizontal
hamstar: oh pieter
hamstar: tmi for your own good
hartsook: #1 and #2 look like service dogs
hamstar: they're not hunting right now
hamstar: okay
hamstar: any guard dogs?
hamstar: or guard-like?
hamstar: as in wouldn't just lick the face of an intruder?
hartsook: smile
hartsook: I don't know about that but my impression of #3 is straining at invisible leash and #4 has broken front leg
hamstar: hahaha
hamstar: ok good
hamstar: any close relation to a wolf?
hamstar: in the midst?
hartsook: no, but #7 is starting to look like a cat dropped off a high place
hamstar: hmmm nice
hamstar: who's happy to see that you're home?
hartsook: I do like #6, playful
hamstar: heh, not asking what you like smile
hartsook: maybe #3 looks happy to see me, but is looking the wrong way
hamstar: ok
hamstar: finaly question
hartsook: maybe happy to see someone else
hamstar: oh wait 2 more
hamstar: who has long strides? who has short strides
hartsook: #5 looks happy to see me also
hamstar: smile
hartsook: #5 short
hartsook: #6 long
hartsook: none of the others are striding, but #4 might be getting ready to leap?
hamstar: oh i mean if they were striding
hamstar: what would their stride be
hartsook: #7 could be a pounce
hamstar: heh
hartsook: all those black labs have the same stride to me
hamstar: long or short?
hartsook: compared to what?
hartsook: a dachshund ?
hamstar: the other ones you listed
hamstar: 5 and 6
hartsook: I guess I don't get the right kind of information from the renderings to infer a stride-length
hamstar: okay
hamstar: last question
hartsook: what were you expecting
hamstar: um, well if you identified them as labs
hartsook: just curious
hamstar: i would expect their stride to be fairly long, not greyhound long
hamstar: but not dashund short smile
hamstar: but that's fine
hamstar: no need to force the point
hamstar: final question
hartsook: #5 looks like a long stride for a short dog
hamstar: are there any dogs here you feel like you could pick up and have in your lap?
hartsook: #5
hamstar: anyone else?
hartsook: I would like to bend down and pet #6, or play with him/her, #1 & #2 get pats on the head
hamstar: okay thx pieter smile
hartsook: they look too big to put on lap
hamstar: do you mind if i put this in an email or on the wiki?
hartsook: gratuitous input: #7 is just weird...
hartsook: dingo?
hamstar: that's good

Grant's Interview Transcript

3:11:26 PM peowtie: gnart?
3:11:35 PM gnartb: howdy
3:11:43 PM peowtie: do you have 5 minutes for a gut check?
3:12:02 PM gnartb: sure
3:12:08 PM peowtie: http://wiki.osafoundation.org/Journal/RefiningProduct.LogoFinals#MoreDoges
3:12:41 PM peowtie: which ones are scary? friendly? able? powerful? confident, productive blah blah
3:12:47 PM peowtie: intelligent
3:13:16 PM peowtie: and do any of them look like goats
3:13:20 PM gnartb: hehe
3:13:31 PM gnartb: oh, the small ones are not additional
3:13:47 PM peowtie: they're small versions
3:14:20 PM gnartb: right
3:14:44 PM gnartb: the earless ones look a little odd to me
3:14:57 PM peowtie: hmmm that's not what i asked
3:15:03 PM peowtie: who's intelligent?
3:15:14 PM peowtie: and able
3:15:34 PM peowtie: we can number them 1-4 on the left
3:15:38 PM peowtie: 5-7 on the right
3:15:49 PM gnartb: ok
3:16:40 PM gnartb: sorry, it takes me a while to let them soak in
3:16:48 PM peowtie: you're not supposed to soak
3:16:53 PM peowtie: knee jerk
3:16:57 PM gnartb: ok
3:17:00 PM gnartb: all right, then
3:17:20 PM gnartb: intelligent: #4 ... head pointed up i think
3:18:02 PM gnartb: able: #4, 5, 6
3:18:22 PM gnartb: (is #7 ok ... he looks as if he's sacked out, and not able)
3:18:28 PM peowtie: hahaha
3:19:00 PM peowtie: what about dog categories: working dog, guard dog, toy dog
3:19:33 PM gnartb: hang on, i'm in mid-friendly ...
3:19:58 PM gnartb: friendly: all friendly to some extent (wagging tails), but #2 & #4 the look of waiting for you to walk in the front gate, #6 wants to play
3:20:08 PM gnartb: categories
3:20:54 PM peowtie: aww
3:21:08 PM gnartb: guard dog: 1,2,6
3:21:44 PM gnartb: working ... hmm ...
3:21:55 PM gnartb: 1,2,3,6
3:21:55 PM peowtie: fetching, herding
3:22:06 PM peowtie: what's with 6 man
3:22:36 PM gnartb: i associate 6's head (like 1,2) with a guide dog i knew, i think
3:22:44 PM gnartb: that's why i threw him in that category
3:22:48 PM peowtie: can't just evaluate a person on their head
3:22:55 PM gnartb: true
3:22:55 PM peowtie: yea seeing eye dog
3:23:03 PM peowtie: drug sniffing dog
3:23:33 PM peowtie: 6 is the goat man
3:23:36 PM gnartb: 4 has some very strong visual memory i can't put my finger on, fwiw
3:23:36 PM peowtie: or lamb
3:23:46 PM peowtie: anybody scary or intimidating? aggressive?
3:23:47 PM gnartb: yeah, he's kinda lamby
3:24:43 PM gnartb: not particularly for me
3:24:54 PM peowtie: ok last question
3:25:04 PM peowtie: can you pick up any of these dogs and put him in your lap?
3:25:15 PM gnartb: #5
3:25:40 PM gnartb: others look more normal sized
3:25:46 PM peowtie: 7 looks thrown
3:25:52 PM peowtie: okay thank you, you get a lollipop
3:26:04 PM gnartb: is that a tire stripe down #7's middle?
3:26:15 PM gnartb: yay
3:26:29 PM peowtie: haha
3:26:34 PM peowtie: what do the others look like?
3:27:34 PM gnartb: 1,2 lab-like ... 6 a doodle
3:27:43 PM gnartb: 3,4 some kind of stocky terrier
3:27:48 PM gnartb: 5 otis

4:15:07 PM peowtie: gnartb, just curious
4:15:14 PM peowtie: you listed #5, otis as able?
4:15:26 PM peowtie: but didn't include it in our list of working dogs or guard dogs...
4:15:57 PM gnartb: yeah
4:16:27 PM gnartb: hang on, let me look @ my answers again
4:16:32 PM peowtie: ok
4:18:40 PM gnartb: why doesn't ichat archive what I was thinking at the time?
4:19:43 PM peowtie: sokay
4:20:25 PM gnartb: maybe i meant to type 2,3,4
4:21:11 PM gnartb: but in any case, 5's not identified with any of the working dog types i think of
4:21:27 PM gnartb: in general, i think of small dogs as not being very useful, more playful smile
4:23:26 PM gnartb: even though i'll agree it's not entirely rational
4:25:03 PM gnartb: yappy dogs can be good guard dogs
4:25:36 PM gnartb: assuming you want to deter intruders via noise, and not threat of bodily harm wink

Jeffrey's Interview

1:24:54 PM peowtie: http://wiki.osafoundation.org/Projects/LogoSeminfinalsTwo
1:25:36 PM jeffreyhr6: Serious adjectives, eh?
1:25:53 PM jeffreyhr6: Whatever comes to my mind, or trying to be the "best" adjectives?
1:26:33 PM peowtie: best
1:28:20 PM jeffreyhr6: The first one make me think: alert, friendly, simple
1:28:30 PM jeffreyhr6: All I've come up with for the second one is: shiny
1:28:41 PM peowtie: if you were to venture a guess
1:28:46 PM peowtie: what category would each dog belong in?
1:29:01 PM peowtie: working dog? guard dog? toy dog? hound dog?
1:29:03 PM jeffreyhr6: The first one looks like a lab or a retriever
1:29:10 PM jeffreyhr6: the second one looks like a terrier
1:29:40 PM peowtie: can you send some logo feedback to the list?
1:30:01 PM peowtie: not about what you like
1:30:07 PM peowtie: it's more what does the drawing evoke for you
1:30:09 PM jeffreyhr6: I know, I know...
1:30:27 PM peowtie: what about emotion?
1:30:45 PM peowtie: sad? happy? perky? jaunty?
1:30:47 PM peowtie: or ability
1:30:50 PM peowtie: efficient, productive
1:30:53 PM peowtie: intelligent
1:30:59 PM peowtie: stuff like that
1:31:26 PM jeffreyhr6: The first one looks happy/alert (they're about the same in dogs)
1:31:33 PM peowtie: heh
1:31:56 PM jeffreyhr6: The treatment is fairly simple, which makes me think clean and efficient
1:32:38 PM jeffreyhr6: Umm, so you want me to say all this on the list?
1:33:13 PM peowtie: yea
1:33:15 PM peowtie: for each dog
1:33:18 PM peowtie: adjectives
1:33:25 PM peowtie: breed
1:33:29 PM peowtie: ability
1:33:33 PM peowtie: and whatever else comes to mind
1:35:02 PM jeffreyhr6: So, I'm responding to the thread about how this would all be conveyed to Mitch yesterday? wink
1:35:16 PM peowtie: ?
1:35:35 PM jeffreyhr6: "We plan on presenting the final three to Mitch on Tuesday"
1:36:29 PM peowtie: oh wotever
1:36:43 PM peowtie: respond about the figure too if you have time, but no biggie
1:36:46 PM peowtie: i'm mostly stuck about the dog
1:37:21 PM jeffreyhr6: OK. I'm not feeling that inspired, I'm afraid.
1:37:31 PM peowtie: np
1:37:33 PM jeffreyhr6: With words, I mean, the logos look nice.
1:37:54 PM peowtie: ya, but besides the pt, we can make anyting look nice smile
1:38:18 PM jeffreyhr6: The first thing that comes to mind with terriers is "silly"
1:40:56 PM jeffreyhr6: I don't think of silly as being critical
1:40:58 PM jeffreyhr6: silly is fun
1:41:15 PM jeffreyhr6: I'll say playful.

-- MimiYin - 04 Apr 2007

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