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Preview Top 10 Features

I would like to pull together presentation materials (screenshots, screencasts, descriptions, demo scripts) for the coolest features that we'll have at the Preview launch.

To get started here are a couple:

  • Bookmarkable URLs
  • Triage

Add your own:

  • Dashboard
  • Edit/update
  • Read-write sharing of tasks, email, notes as well as calendars
  • Editing calendars via Cosmo without an account
  • Shared data merging, conflict detection and resolution

Mimi's suggestions:

  • Marking up items in the Dashboard view
  • Adding /Removing items from the Task list
  • Marking items as Read/Unread/ Needs reply
  • Adding custom reminders
  • Triaging
  • AND/OR, the Auto-triage stuff Bryan Stearns presented at the staff meeting yesterday
  • AND/OR, smart, context-sensitive Who and Date columns
  • AND/ORCommunications status icons
  • For Edit/Update
    • Edit a sent/received email and Send it again (Update)
  • Other stuff to consider
    • Quick item entry
  • Demo-ing the Mark-up bar
  • Search and then use the faceted sidebar to filter the search results in different ways
  • Ways in which we break down barriers to the way people want to work (Hmmm, this may be more of a workflow demo.)
    • Stamping allows a single item of information to traverse all App Areas and thereby gain access to Communications, Task Management and Calendaring affordances
    • The Faceted Sidebar with it's all-encompassing All App area. (We've had this for so long, we've forgotten it's a feature!)
    • Items in multiple collections. (Ditto! ;o)
    • Dashboard as an 'All collection'.
    • A single UI that pretty much stays the same no matter which Apparea you're in...because of Stamping, the same tools (Communications,Task Management, Calendaring) make sense everywhere. This goes forApp Toolbar, Menus, Context Menus, Summary Views, Detail View and various attendant widgetry.

Jared suggestions:

  • Use a desktop application to update a web-calendar accessible by others
  • Overlay of calendars and dragging an item into another collection
  • Seeing a "next-actions" table (the dashboard) in a read-writable Web UI from bookmark
  • Dragging an email in Thunderbird to an IMAP folder and having it appear in dashboard triage
  • Sending a URL around to a group to provide a shared calendar and task list; member of group syncing read-only with iCal but changing via web
  • Starting with a note, turning into a task, then turning into an event
  • Interop with Sunbird/Lightning (read-write), iCal/Outlook (read-only)
  • Subscribing to public icals and google calendars
  • Embedding a google homepage widget with calendar in it

Also See: OOTB experience spec for ideas

-- PieterHartsook - 19 Apr 2007

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