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Looking at Dog Logos

Let's take a look at examples of existing dog logos and see how it relates to their associated company/product.

I also want to keep in mind questions such as:

  • How does this logo relate to the parent company/product?
  • What are the associations you gather from the logo which you could identify with the company/product?
  • Is this an association we could use to help guide us in identifying the attitude, activity and the graphic style of the dog; Chandler the product?

Company/Product Description of Company/Product Description of the logo Breed of Dog Association to the parent company/product Are there associations that relate to Chandler the product?
Ubu Produtions, Inc. Television production company Video still/photograph of a dog with a flying disc in his mouth. See: Image of Ubo from wikipedia Black Lab Retriever The most memorable association is the voice over (V.O.) ie. V.O. 'Sit Ubu sit.' Dog barks, V.O. 'Good dog.' Loyal and faithful shows you watch on TV(?) A loyal faithful Chandler software product.
The Black Dog Tavern Co. Tavern/Cafe/Bakery/Retail Store/Tall Ships Profile of a black dog with a red collar. See: http://www.theblackdog.com. The original logo is an illustration of a dog & a tall ship. See: Black dog tall ships logo Black Lab/Boxer Mix Originally an old seaside inn, founded by a retired air force captain along with his wife and dog. The captain is interested in building/sailing schooners. Many sea goers would also drop by to eat at the inn because there were no restaurants opened year round in town. Their logo evokes, heritage. Elements in their older logo (not the one on the sign) also includes the tall ship in the distant background, just the head of the dog, and texture of 'carvings' as if it was carved out from wood. It even a 'date founded in 1971' to show they are established and have been around a long time. You can view the dog logo on most retail item, but is mostly associated with signage, a large scale medium. Chandler is founded by Mitch and one of his dogs is named Chandler. Is this a history/heritage associated with the product Chandler or with the company?
RCA Records Recording company a sitting three quarter profile of a dog listening to a gramophone. See: Original photo of RCA Dog, Nipper Mixed Bull/Fox Terrier This dog was listening to phonograph of his deceased owner. The association might be something like RCA recording is so good, a dog (an animal known for sharp hearing) will not tell the difference between a recording and the real thing. Are there attitudes from dogs which are important to illustrate in Chandler? Listening, running jumping, fetching, digging, playing, eating, sleeping?
Greyhound Lines, Inc. Transportation (Bus) company Greyhound (dog) running. Greyhound (of course!) Greyhounds are famous for being the fastest breed in dog racing. Their buses are the fastest to get you from point A to B. Usually seen on the side of their buses, which is a pretty large scale medium. It's a very skinny bread and may be hard to scale down. Chandler as the fastest PIM software application.
Fetch Softworks Software: FTP Client 3D dog with a floppy disk in it's mouth. See: http://www.fetchsoftworks.com Unknown. The action of the dog is the same name of the product/company; the action of fetching. The action evokes the product. What are the types of actions Chandler does as a PIM? Keeping thing organized, all in one place, gathering information? Collaborating/sharing?
Sirius Satellite Radio Graphic seated profile of a dog with a star in place of an eye. Unknown Sirius is the brightest star in the night time sky. The etymology of the word is from Latin/Greek also known as the major star of the 'big dog' constellation, it is often called the 'dog star'. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sirius Chandler is the brightest star, there is nothing else like it in the sky. The constellation is a branding concept which we've revisited time and time again. Connecting the dots. Helping to guide you, etc. etc.

*Note all of my sources are mostly referenced from wikipedia, with the exception of The Black Dog Tavern Co.

-- PriscillaChung - 06 Apr 2007

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