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March 13th, 2007 @ 6:00PM - Cosmo 0.6 Interview User named S in San Francisco

This was a bit of an impromptu interview w/ a co-worker of mine who we'll call User S. Last week I was invited by User S to participate in a meeting. The meeting date/time was to be scheduled for the following week. I sent an e-mail to User S with instructions to “add a time on my calendar and send me e-mail confirmation from the application.”, and pasted my read-write, bookmarkable URL to Cosmo. User S went ahead and added an event on my calendar.

In my perspective of the 'Shar-er', I had checked my calendar and had noticed he had immediately added an event on my calendar. The status was set to 'tentative', 11AM. No confirm e-mail was sent to me. I received a personal e-mail in the morning from User S about moving the meeting up the time to 10:30AM. Another personal e-mail was sent in the afternoon about the meeting agenda etc. Though I had not looked at the personal e-mails until the morning of the meetings, I had not noticed in my calendar event changed either until the morning of. That it was set to 10:30AM. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to add meeting which I was already scheduled for at 10:30AM, and was reminded the morning of.

It seems to me that this is the perfect example of how we could have interacted using Cosmo, yet things failed. Why?

This describes an example of the Casual Collaborator tenet for the release of Cosmo 0.6. Here is the feedback I received.

Information about User S:

  • Male, (25+ yrs old) urban professional living/working in the San Francisco/Bay Area
  • Senior Web/Graphic Designer, works from an Intel Mac, but have worked on Windows as well.
  • In a scale of being tech savvy with 1 being a power user and 7 being a novice user, I would give him a 3, for example he is familiar with html, basic front-end development and graphic softwares, but not software engineer with years and years of software programming experience.

Highlights from the interview:

  • When clicked on the URL provided in an e-mail, it crashed in Firefox 1.5. (Priscilla’s personal take on User S's reaction, a disappointing first impression.)
  • Clicked on the calendar and tried to enter event, but nothing happened. The expectation was to see quick item entry as in GCal. Never even thought of double clicking.
  • Regular user of GCal and uses remember the milk.com
  • Had trouble resizing the event, didn't see the cursor mouseover change- might have been broken the first time? Perhaps the cursor was not a strong enough visual cue? (Resizing the event worked during our interview.)
  • Entered in the event in the event details, manually. Didn't like to do everything manually, expected some date pickers, auto complete (in the 'go to date', min-cal when entering the date, etc.
  • Expected an auto save, especially after having to enter everything manually. It didn't auto save my entry and if I lost my connection then That sucks.
  • Found time zone to be confusing. User does not think in terms of only cities, but also the time zone. It may not be so important in San Francisco vs. Los Angles, but in Chicago it would be more important if the person is not sure if the city is in Central vs. Eastern. There's that extra step where the user needs to to translate in their head the time zone into city location & the respected time zones, ie. EST, PST, etc..
  • Selecting 'Status' was confusing because he didn't know if it was the event status of the sharer or shar-ee? When adding the event, it was defaulted to 'Tentative'. Also he didn't have to log in so it was confusing. (I though he had set it to tentative, which was correct from my point of view.)
  • 'e-mail this event' should ask me this regardless (when I save the event). For example a reminder pop up dialog window. but it would be annoying on my own calendar so I may not want to see it if it's my own calendar. In the end e-mail he forgot to e-mail Priss to confirm the event or the updated event time change because there was no reminder. -Feedback from User S: I'd say it was 'waserechatta' -Jap. Translation: derivative of the verb 'forget'- 'it was regrettably forgotten' (passive) smile
  • Additional visual comments on the calendar canvas, mini-cal.

Personal note: The user mainly used the calendar canvas, event details area. Did not use a the navigation arrows, click on the mini-cal or have to use the 'go to date' when adding the meeting event. All in all pretty straight forward and I (the shar-ee) did see the meeting event posted on my calendar.

There is still a great deal of work ahead of us to get this right, but I believe we did what we set out to do.

Personal Take

The last feedback I received is that a lot of the feedback you see here are blockers for User S and this person will not be a regular user of Cosmo at the end of the day. Casual Collaborator was never intended to be someone who would sit in Cosmo as one sits in their web app e-mail.

Granted there is a pretty high bar out there w/ GCal and other pretty awesome web application 'keeping track of' tools such as remember the milk.com, stikkit, etc. In the end, there's also the part where it's hard for people to create new working habits to be efficient. So it's easier to go back to what one is used to doing, sending e-mail.

Interview Notes:

  • Received the e-mail and after click on it, it didn't load on firefox 1.5. had to go back to his email, copy and paste it into Safari.
  • Safari worked fine.
  • The first thing expected was by single clicking (to be able to see quick line edit).
  • GCal user and has that expectation.
  • After I add it I tried to move it or resize it. There is no cue for me to resize it.
  • I see now there is a little outline of it.

NOTE: I had asked the user to show me exactly how he entered in the event on my calendar. I observed the following:

  • click on the calendar canvas. (Didn't do anything.) Clicks around.
  • clicks on the 'day' column - didn't see any feedback.
  • click into the event details - enters in the event description title, tabs over to the next form element.
  • expected a calendar to pick a date and time, expected a drop down of possible times
  • Get to time zones: then I have to think in days translate that into dates, which takes me additional time
  • then the time thing I have to manually, rather then picking it. A bunch of times to choose from
  • similar to end time doesn't update itself - beyond the start time
  • expect the end date to update itself to the same date. that the end time is sometime after the start time.
  • tab clicks from one form element to another

Time zone

  • time zone threw me, it gave me a city first. Then I looked for SF, and it's not there.
  • I almost, connect GMT minus 8, I was trying to play naive, there is no additional info on what that is
  • doesn't tell me the time zone that it's PDT, what the off set is. So I'm assuming that I'm correct LA is the same as SF.
  • nice visual confirmation, I don't have to take that extra leap, to think through
  • less concerned about the city, city nearby then having the correct information
  • more of an issue when you're in chicago when you go to indiana more of an issues. Nice to have both, in Indianapolis and it's in eastern, not central

Event Status

  • status, from my perspective or yours. Is it 'tentative for whom?', yes this if for sure for me. Not sure if I am free to do stuff.
  • Tentative was the default?
  • had assumed that I the owner of the calendar was going to confirm the meeting.
  • It's it's fyi, why is it going on my calendar as blocked time
  • The status was confusing because I didn't sign in.
  • that's why I didn't assume it was my status 'cause you don't know who I am. It's not giving me an option of who I am.
  • I don't have to say, for whom, w/ whom.
  • and there wasn't an ability to add other participants or my self.

Auto Save

  • It didn't auto save my entry and if I lost my connection then That sucks. I mean it's ok if I went through and picked out all the time/dates but if I have to have to enter dates manually and I loose all my information …that's disturbing in my mind.

  • the go to date was nice, but is missing some kind of visual interface
  • expect to see the calendar or auto populate the date/ (slash)
  • auto complete based on what I was typing. IN addition too the calendar
  • If I put in 0 it would
  • expect that as a drop down.

Visual comments on the calendar and mini-cal

  • the hillite for today is grey. kind of looking at it, grey doesn't seem right. Grey is recessive, picking something to hillite
  • visual confirmation the 'today' itself it bolded. - referring to the day row, ie. Monday, Tuesday, etc.
  • other application grey means disabled.

  • same thing w/ the mini cal hillite, the bkg is blue, does that mean I have
  • when I do have appointments it looks different

  • GCal shows dates in minical, bold means there are appointments and unbold dates are w/ out appointments.

  • GCal Mini cal example: Note the dates which are bold have an event scheduled for that day, and the dates w/out bold do not have events scheduled for that day. A slightly simplified variant of Chandler's busy bar.

  • didn't know what dark blue vs light blue (in reference to the lozenge colors 'event status')- seems like is personal stuff. Didn't know the color distinctions.
  • Thought it might be some categorization and if it did, I expected to have some kind of key as to what those things were.

E-mail this event

  • 'e-mail this event' should ask me this regardless. For example a pop up dialog window.
  • Q. Did you send me a confirmation. No because, do I want to remind her? (meaning me. wink but remember I had asked him to send me an e-mail confirmation as part of my original instructions.)
  • It (a pop up to 'e-mail this event') would annoy me if I did this for myself, given I'm adding this to somebody else's calendar, need to let them know I put stuff on the their.
  • I forgot about it which is why I didn't use it.

  • Regular user of GCal and uses remember the milk.com

-- PriscillaChung - 14 Mar 2007

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