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Cosmo 0.6 Interview User named JenB in San Francisco

March 13th, 2007 @ 6:00PM

Once again this was a bit of an impromptu interview w/ a friend, Jen B. who I asked to put a reminder anywhere in my calendar. I sent her my read-write URL in an e-mail and instructions: Please put a reminder (for me to e-mail Martin) event on my calendar anywhere you see that I'm free this week.

Unfortunately the interview did not last too long because there seemed to be an untraceable bug in IE6 Windows XP where the calendar canvas just hangs in 'Processing…' mode. I already filed a bug 8305.

Information about JenB:

  • Female, (25+ yrs old) urban professional living/working in the San Francisco/Bay Area
  • Working off of a PC Windows XP machine at work, but is knowledgeable about Macs and PCs.
  • In a scale of being tech savvy with 1 being a power user and 7 being a novice user, I would give her a 4.
  • Classify target user group as: Bart Busy Body Coordinator.

Here are my notes from the interview:

  • I was able to create event in the event details all the way up to the descriptions and then I couldn't save the event.
  • Confused about only 1 time zone for the US is listed (America).
  • What does the menu to the right of the time zone do?
  • There is a menu that says "None" next to the time zone menu—didn't make sense.
  • It would be cool if a calendar came up when I clicked in the start and end date box.
  • I was then asked what makes this better the GCal?
  • Likes the idea that she didn't have to sign up for an account and give all her information just to put a reminder on my calendar. I liked the part where I didn't have to enter any of my personal information to add an event to the calendar.

-- PriscillaChung - 15 Mar 2007

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