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hCalendar Parcel


I started such a parcel at the spring sprint but never got around to finish it.

In the meantime, VOBJECT has been extended during the PyCon sprint to serialize hCalendar events so I'll take advantage of that also (if it makes sense).

The objective is to:

  • subscribe to an hCalendar page by simply giving its URL
  • on a regular basis (and on first try), the page is downloaded and parsed to retrieve the hCalendar events it contains
  • those are converted into Chandler item events and stored in a collection (created at the time of the subscribe)

There's a bunch of problem to solve along the way:

  • what to do with events that disappear from the page? should we clear them?
  • do we add a notification for events that are moved by the user to his/her my calendar and changed/deleted?

Also a question to answer : what would it take to extend that to other microformats?


  • 03/30/06: Implement simple subscription (w/o auto sync)
  • 04/30/06: Implement auto sync
  • 05/30/06: Implement some sort of notification to the user
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